Distance Influence Workings – Psychic Power – Influence Individuals + Change Events

astral plane distance influence

PSI workings conducted on the astral plane (hyperspace).

Name your requirement and Doktor Snake will take care of it (typically within 48-hours).

Distance influence or PSI workings are performed on the astral plane to directly influence an individual or events surrounding them. PSI workings can also be used to boost your finances, get a relationship back on track, exorcise troublesome spirits, remove a hex, or help you get that job you need. They are an all round workhorse utilizing psychic power.

I can usually sort out distance influence workings within a day or two of your order. So they are good for emergency situations, but suitable for the majority of scenarios you may be facing too.

Here’s the type of things that can be done:

  • Directly influence an individual (or change events associated with them).
  • Compel a person to do your bidding.
  • Distance healing and spiritual cleansing.
  • Removal of hexes and curses.
  • Exorcise troublesome entities or spirits
  • Boost finances and open up money channels
  • Success at job interviews.
  • Protection from hexes and malevolent spirits (psychic shield around you).
  • Psych attack – stop an enemy in their tracks.
  • Fast gambling luck when you most need it.
  • Or state your own requirement.

It works like this…

I go into visionary trance and travel the astral realm to either bring empowerment to you, alter a given event, or directly influence a specific person. I begin by meditating to calm my thoughts and relax my body. Then I spin off what’s called the “entoptic phenomenon” into lucid dreaming. From there I can access the astral realm.

On the astral, I invariably find myself on a lonesome plain, with a few trees and rocks dotting the semi-twilight terrain. Eventually I arrive at my destination – a stone circle, which I enter and stand at its center beside the altar stone.

astral plane twilight landscape standing stones

Here I can go directly to the person you wish me to influence, or work on the “probability streams” to manipulate a situation or upcoming event.

PSI workings are profoundly powerful. Many of my clients hire me to fire up distance influence on a regular basis. If something goes awry in their life, or they need a serious boost, they get me on the case and typically the situation is sorted out fast.

☼ Distance Influence Working

Hit the buy button below and you’ll be directed to your questionnaire to submit your request. From there we’ll set it in motion (typically within 48-hours).
Cost: $333 USD.


☀ 3-REQUESTS In One: Distance Influence Workings (Save $$$)

If you need more than one direct influence working, this will save you money (namely $333). You get three requests for the price of two. Describe what you need and Doktor Snake will take care of it.

Hit the buy button below and you’ll be directed to your questionnaire to submit your requests. From there we’ll set things in motion (typically within 48-hours).
Cost: $666 USD.


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