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With roots in the swamplands of the American South during the days when long-suffering people needed a “helping hand”, our Mojo Hands (powerful voodoo spells) pull no punches in putting things right and solving the issues you face. Each Mojo Hand spell working is tailored to your case, whether it involves matters of the heart, […]

Powerful dark Voodoo curse to force a wrongdoer to repent their misdeeds… If somebody’s done you wrong, or persists in harassing you or your family this shock & awe working will make them face what they’ve done. It will make them see themselves for what they truly are. It’s mirror magick. It reflects all their […]

Warning! All out nuke – when it’s time to drop the bomb! Love spells, money spells, return a lover, courtwork spells, love drawing, stop straying, bad neighbors, protection spells, curses and hexes. THREE requests in one. Voodoo spell cast virtually on your behalf. Your situation addressed quickly and effectively. Voodoo MegaBlast spell workings are cast […]

For when an issue you’re facing is at critical point and there’s no time to wait. You can’t see a solution. You don’t know where to turn. The situation is desperate. There’s not a second to lose. Something has to be done – and right now! In which case, we will pull out the stops. […]

Joe the Preacher Root shipped to you + three month protection package – calling upon the fabled Joe the Preacher… Shakes off the evil AND any wrong doings – gets you ahead in life. PLUS Ultimate Protection. Our Joe the Preacher revival ceremony is conducted once a month, over a three month period. This gives […]

Boosts body/mind life force (Chi) and vitality.Revitalizes your internal energy centers – and inspirational core.Summons luminous orbs (energetic intelligences) during visionary trance ritual on the etheric plane.Distance healing, delivered virtually. NOTE: Due to these modern secular times, the Healing Ray should be viewed as complementary therapy – an adjunct to conventional medicine and consulting a […]

Are you in need of a quick fix with a reliable spell caster? Doktor Snake has over 20 years of experience THE MOST EXTREME VOODOO MONEY SPELL ON THE INTERNET Are you struggling, feeling like you are letting your family down including yourself? Low on cash? Life a struggle? Can’t pay your bills? Creditors at […]

Get him under your thrall. Make him crave for you. Beg for you. Please you. Cater to your every whim. Make him putty in your hands… If your man is 100% in control of your relationship. Doesn’t pay you the respect you deserve. Talks down to you. Treats you like he can take you or […]

Power, Protection, Prosperity Get Prepared For The Upcoming Collapse… Powerful Ritual – after sunset at Black Hill mound in West Suffolk, Eastern England. Channeling ancient priest-magus – drawing down archaic energies to empower you. PLUS: Audio pathworking – designed to help you connect with and imbue these energies. (You can listen to this audio anytime for further empowerment). From: Doktor […]