Readings: Spiritual Guidance & Insight Into Your Situation – Scrying – Remote Viewing – Mind Probing

scrying glass readings

Seeing behind the veil – practical advice and solutions – delivered by email…

If you’re stuck for answers and need to know more about a situation, or what a given person is up to, these readings bring you the information you need. conducted in visionary trance and on the astral, Doktor Snake will be able to probe an individual’s mind or remote view a situation. If you need answers, Dok will get them for you.

Whatever your situation, there are solutions. You don’t have to feel alone.

“I had a reading done a few weeks ago. And all I can say is WOW the results were so accurate I was told things I didn’t even mention in the initial questionnaire, it was great. It’s the real deal…” Ms L (USA)

“I ordered a reading and was pleasantly surprised at the complete accuracy of it. I was not only shocked me with the reading but replied to all my email. Keep up with the good work!” V.S. (USA)

Hit one of the “add-to-cart” buttons below and you’ll be directed to your reading questionnaire. There are two options: standard reading and emergency reading.

Standard Reading (delivered 5 to 7 days)

Cost: $72 USD.


Emergency Reading (delivered 48-hours or sooner)

Cost: $125 USD.