1. Recast Your Spellworking (Standard)

Recasts are for when your spellworking needs an extra kick – for example if it has brought limited results after two or three months or it having been originally cast. A recast is highly likely to move things forwards and bring the results you desire.


Alternatively, why not add extra power? Opt for our B52 Candle Booster recast…

2. B52 Candle Booster (Recast On Steroids)

Increases the power of your spellworking, big time. Literally launches a “B52 Bomber” in spiritual terms to add that serious boost that may be required to get the job done. As a recast of your spellworking, this is an optional extra that brings an almighty power boost when it is most needed.


What People Say About Our B52 Candle Booster

  • “I decided that I would opt for this B52 booster recast and I’m glad I did. It made all the difference. Things started to change and I got my result.” Rosetta, Mississippi, USA.
  • “Man it worked. That booster did good.” Marlon, Alabama, USA.
  • “Thanks, Doc. I’m seriously happy I invested in the B52 candle booster. It brought him back.” Brenda, London, UK.