Red Brick Dust

red brick dust

Powerful Conjure Formula To Drive Away Evil & Protect Your Home & Family…

Protective & Cleansing Powder

Authentic Red Brick Dust Collected From Ghost Town

Red Brick Dust

Protective & Cleansing Powder

Use it to clean your entrance ways (front and back), window sills or the four corners of your house, apartment or place of business. Can be added to floor washes or sprinkled directly to ward off evil, curses, or to keep enemies away. Alternatively, sprinkle it in your car or truck to ensure safe travel.

The Lowdown…

Genuine Old Red Brick Dust

Dust from new bricks doesn’t work. It has to be from old red bricks made from red clay – the kind traditionally used by root workers. It derives from the ritual use of red ocher clay or sand in ancient times. In the modern world, the 19th and 20th centuries, red bricks were a good alternative. They also contained iron oxide, which adds to the protective qualities.

Collected From A Ghost Town

Dark Angel gathers her red bricks from Rodney, a ghost town in Mississippi. Red bricks are scattered around the area from derelict and fallen buildings. She wanders through the desolate landscape of long-forgotten derelict houses and broken down graveyards, her only company the forlorn birdsong and memories of what once was.

Rodney, MS, History

Rodney was founded in 1828. By the 19th century it was three votes away from becoming the capital of the Mississippi Territory. But when the Mississippi river changed course, its inhabitants were forced to leave, and Rodney became a ghost town. Though there are still a few people living in the area.

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“I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help. My red brick dust removed the bad work on my place. I couldn’t sleep at night, the nightmares were horrible.. and I kept seeing this woman in black with an ugly expression. she meant me and my family harm, i know it. She was sent by a woman jealous of me, she hex me. I so thankful its over and the evil gone.”

— Karen James, Georgia, USA

“I had a lot of negativity around me. Something was wrong. I don’t know whether I was cursed or it was just bad luck. Nothing went right for me, and I mean nothing. I lost my job, then my house. nothing went right. I kept losing when i played the slot machines. To cap it all I couldn’t get social security. But when I receive your brick dust and sprinkle it around my apartement, I felt a weight off my shoulders, then I win at slots, enough to pay my bills. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Sean Davis, Lincoln, UK