Red Witch Rite: $1500 Ritual Limited Time At $250 – Evokes Numinous Energy “Between The Worlds” – Manifests Your Stated Desire

red witch rite

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“The witching time of night is when the spectral woman appears, clad in red and seemingly tethered to the sprawling landscape of the Fens…”

The Fens in Eastern England are a hinterland, betwixt and between, neither here nor there. With Dark Angel connected via video link, it is here that we conduct a working on your behalf to summon the powers of a spirit known as the “Red Witch”. We evoke the numinous energy “between the worlds” to bring your stated desire or wish to fruition in the material world.

The Fens is where the old Saxon rebel Hereward the Wake hid out in the 11th century to evade the Norman oppressors, and to strike back against them. Local lore has it that a Red Witch gave him a powerful spell to help him escape the Normans when they attacked the Isle of Ely, the last remaining Saxon stronghold.

As a central part of our rite, we call upon the Red Witch, who brought Hereward the Wake success in his revolt against the Normans…

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With a ritual fire burning, and the swirling smoke entwining itself around nearby trees, a strange hush typically falls upon the landscape – even the birds stop singing and the dusk turns to dark.

This means the Red Witch has arrived…We then petition the Red Witch to manifest your desire – much as she did for Hereward the Wake.

When the rite is complete, we close the gates between the worlds and leave offerings of herbs and flowers for the Red Witch.

The Red Witch Rite is only conducted at certain times of the year – when the etheric flow is at it’s height. The next time this flow is prominent is on March 31st, 2022. So if you’d like us to conduct our Red Witch Rite for you, then you’ll need to order before midnight on March 30th, when orders close. (This is also a limited offer at $250 – the price is normally $1500).

Bottom line: Your “Red Witch” magick will work for you 24/7 to get the job done…