Return A Lover With Voodoo

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Has your lover run out on you? Is your heart broken? Do you despair at ever being happy again? Well it IS possible to bring them running back to you.

So for whatever reason, your lover has left you. The person you put your trust in. The person that was your all in life. They’ve abused your trust and left you high and dry. Maybe things just were’t working out for you both. Or perhaps your lover has run out on your for somebody else.

All ways round it is heartbreaking. You feel anxious all the time. You pine for you ex lover. You don’t know what to do with yourself. And you certainly don’t want somebody else. You just want your ex. You want them back. And you want them so bad.

But you are despondent. You don’t believe they will ever come back to you.

You text them all the time…

Begging them to come back. Saying you can’t be happy without them. God, you can’t live without them. But all this is to no avail. Your ex lover is cold and distant – if they reply at all to your texts. Every night you fall asleep in tears. You pray to God to bring your ex back to you. But even your prayers go unanswered.

You even try going on a dating site. And go on a few dates. But the people you need just don’t compare to your ex. They just don’t measure up.

So what can you do to bring your lover back?

Well the first thing to do is to find ways to relax. You could do meditation or yoga. Anything like that to calm your anxiety down. You need to do this because you’ll only drive your ex further away if you beg them to come back. So you need to calm yourself down so you can be a bit more chilled. This will be more attractive to your ex. It will get them thinking about what they’ve given up.

That’s a start. The next thing to do is find some of your ex lover’s clothing, which might still be in your house or apartment. Ideally, you’d still have some of their nail clippings, or even some item of clothing that has their semen on it – perhaps they climaxed over an item of your underwear. If so, you can make yourself a voodoo doll and stuff it with these items.

Then take the doll to a lonely crossroads or graveyard and call upon the spirits to help you bring your lover back. Leave an offering when you are done. This could be money, liquor or flowers. Take the doll home. Put it somewhere safe, away from prying eyes. And leave it to do its work.

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