Satan’s “Great Reset”

great satanic reset

Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” is one thing, how about a Great Satanic Reset to make a better world?

The world has changed beyond recognition under the current Covid 19 hysteria. Economic meltdown is looming, though this will be somewhat offset with rampant (and ill-advised) money-printing by banks… the end result, however, might be hyper-inflation. All ways round, it doesn’t look good.

We’re on the fringes of the hurricane right now.

That said, the upcoming meltdown is seen as an opportunity by some to create a better society. That’s certainly what’s being pushed by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum. In fact, Schwab and the WEF have laid out extensive plans for what they call the Great Reset in a bid to put the world to rights.

Alternative media and conspiracy theorists see the Great Reset as highly sinister. They see it as bringing in a “technocracy” and socialistic totalitarianism.

Having looked into the Great Reset, I see it more as a misguided latter-day attempt to enforce Jesus’ values on the world’s people. In a sense, a socialist “utopia.” That might sound like paradise to many; the problem is you have to enforce it. Or you have to genetically manipulate humans to take away their natural bestial instincts.

That’s where the alleged Son of God’s teachings (which echo socialism) were fallacious and were doomed to fail. In fact, they were utter nonsense.

Take loving thy neighbor… that’s fine if your neighbor lives a mile away from you and behaves themselves. Or turn the other cheek. All that’s going to do is lead you into thraldom. Better to take a battle ax to your aggressor, I say.

There’s also a major problem with the idea that all humans were created equal by the fantasy fiction character called God… It’s just not true. There are winners and losers. Strong and weak. Intellectual heavyweights and dimwits. It’s just the way it is. We are beasts and there’s a pecking order, like it or not.

Right now, at the top of the pecking order are people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Christine Lagarde (president of the European Central Bank), the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, George Soros, and so on.

So despite the egalitarianism being pushed by the World Economic Forum, and other influential operators, it’s very likely a gambit for them to profit and retain their influence and power.

So the Great Reset is no doubt to their benefit, which is what one would expect in a world dominated by “human beasts.” Those at the top of the pecking order will be the winners and will gain the most. It’s the way it’s always been.

But they veil the Great Reset in Jesus-like terms. Then again, the Bible itself was very likely compiled by the powers that be to control the masses and profit from them.

Anyway, to get to my point. I am all for a Great Reset. But not the one proposed by the World Economic Forum.

No. I call for a Great Satanic Reset designed to get humanity to open its eyes (for once) and pretty much take on board what was begun with the Age of Reason during the 17th and 18th centuries. While the enlightened few took on the ideas of the Age of Reason, the masses remained blissfully ignorant of them. They remained (and still do) in the realm of superstitious thinking and thus continued to be easy prey to those that would control them – as in the powers that be.

My Great Satanic Reset would begin by outlawing religion – from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism. Basically all religions would be put out of business… because remember religions are a business. That’s all they ever were. They were based on primitive spiritual tenets and updated into systems to control the populace.

Admittedly Christianity has been declining in the West for many years, but when people lose their religion, they don’t lose their religiosity, which explains the rise of Woke culture, which is essentially puritan Christianity under another guise.

So with Satan at the helm, Woke advocates will run for the hills with sheer horror at the lie of equality being exposed. No doubt they’ll whine and whimper, and have mental breakdowns, at the reintroduction of meritocracy. But it will do them good. It might even prove character-developing. But I doubt it. Ideally we’d ship all the Woke people to an island somewhere and dump them there. Then we’d go back ten years later to see who has found their mettle and become top-dog – no doubt having taken to cannibalism and merrily eaten the weaker, drooling insipid Woke advocates for daily sustenance.

It would be an interesting experiment, but possibly not an acceptable one.

To sum up, the Great Satanic Reset would be about accepting that we humans are not created equal. We have to make our own way. If the state holds our hands it only creates a weak society, one that will fall apart in the end (as is happening now). We need to accept our beast-like nature as humans and celebrate it. That means being honest about ourselves, and being truthful about what we really are, including looking into the dark heart of our “shadow side”.

In fact, unadulterated honesty about ourselves would lead to people being far more decent and honorable. So forget Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, bring on the Great Satanic Reset!

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