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In the Covid-19 economic crisis, you need all the help you can get to secure money and either keep a good paying job, or get one.

Halloween is traditionally a time to remember and commune with your ancestors. But in 2020, times are precarious and terrifying. Therefore, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel are allocating a limited time on Halloween night to call upon the ancient ancestors to charge a “money & job” Galdor Magick Doll – inspired by the old Icelandic medieval grimoires – specifically to address these deeply troubling times.

This powerful money & job magick will be performed on Halloween night alongside the major ancient ancestor’s ceremony Doktor Snake is performing with Dark Angel on All Souls Night.

This means there are only a limited number of spaces for this money & job ritual to be carried out. Therefore it is wise to order early so you don’t miss out.

The bottom line is: we don’t know what’s coming next in the world. Now more than ever, we need luck on our side. We need the odds stacked in our favor. We need financial and job security; we need our businesses to stay afloat. This is what Doktor Snake and Dark Angel’s Galdor Magick Doll working is configured to do – to encourage the weave of fate to work for you rather than against you.

After sunset on Halloween night, at a location by the sea, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel will light their ritual fire and call upon the ancient ancestors to charge the Galdor Magick Doll with numinous power, making it a living, breathing artifact designed to bring you financial stability and security in employment.

Consider buying into this one. It’s a powerful working that will manifest results when you most need them. Recognize that in the current climate things will go up and down; the money and job situation will be precarious. That’s inevitable.

What you’re doing here is getting “magickal insurance.”

If things go west for you, it will only be for a while. Others likely will suffer the effects of the financial downturn for longer. But your Magick Galdor Doll will be working on the unseen plane to ensure that things pick up for you. Not only that, you may well find you prosper.

Order Your Galdor Magick Doll Package Now

galdor magick doll money job business

Order Your “Money & Job” Galdor Doll Working Now

Bring Financial Stability & Employment Security.

Only $145.00. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


We perform the ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how we performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on what to do next.