Performed virtually on your behalf, delivered via email…

Your need may be money or business, matters of the heart, protection, cleansing, hex removal, or other requirement. Whatever your issue, Dark Angel and I tailor the magick to your requirements.

Drawing upon our deep experience working with powerful aspects of the occult, we have formulated our own virtual take on the demon-conjuring rituals from the Ars Goetia section of The Lesser Key Of Solomon, an anonymous book of magick compiled in the mid-17th century from materials a couple of centuries older (and reputedly far older than that).

After consulting these black books, Dark Angel and I figure out the most auspicious time to conduct your ritual. From there we sort out which specific demon (from the Ars Goetia) needs summoning to set the energy patterns in motion that are needed for your particular case.

Then comes the ritual…

After sunset, Dark Angel and I go into a visionary trance, and travel out-of-body to the etheric plane where we perform the necessary ritual work at an old manor house with ornate gardens and a moat. (This place mirrors a house in everyday reality, but is in the formational world of the etheric realm).

In our dream-like state, we walk through the richly-scented gardens until we come upon a building which has the look of a classical Greek temple, basically a “folly” which are common in the grounds of stately homes in Britain.

We enter the temple and typically sitting on an antique chair is a man of obvious distinction. This is the given demon in human form that Dark Angel and I have chosen to help with your particular case. Other times, the demons can the form of mythical beasts, like a dragon or griffin, or a creature with three heads.

The demons’ voices differ, some are gentle and smooth, others harsh. Mostly it’s hard to take in what they say. The transfer of knowledge and energies is typically on a more subconscious level. But when a demon’s voice is discernible, the language used always has an archaic ring to it.

The words produce a very powerful feeling, one of being unstoppable and at the same time inspired. At that point we petition the demon to use his powers to help resolve your situation and bring a favorable outcome.

When the vision fades, Dark Angel and I make our way back through the ornate gardens of the manor house, and return to everyday reality.

Isn’t this scary?

In one sense, yes. But the truth is, if you want results it’s going to be a trifle terrifying (putting it mildly). The good news is, it’s the magickians (us) who take the risk, not you. In other words, we do the “dirty work” of dealing with the specific demon that has the powers to fulfill your requirements.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia have their roots in ancient times in the Middle East and were essentially gods who were “demonized” by later religions, including Christianity and Islam. What’s more, these demons are willing to help us out, so long as due respect is shown.

The important thing is, they have the power to turn things around big time.

But bear in mind, the multiverse works in mysterious ways…

Even apparent diversions, or setbacks, may be part of the plan to get you on the path that is right for you. This is why it’s important to keep faith in the magick that’s been performed for you, which will be working in your best interests. It will have your back – even when it seems like nobody else has.

When you order you will be directed to a questionnaire to submit your details and to state your requirement.

We perform this demon summoning ritual for you within five to seven days of your order. Then email you to let you know how it all went and to give you advice on what you can do next.

Visionary Trance Working

Demon Summoning Ritual Performed Virtually On Your Behalf

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