zombie mummy formulation

This powerful Swamp Vudu working will bring you complete control over any human being. You will be able to bend them to your will. It’s black arts with a Tyrannosaurus bite. It’s live wire conjuration with devastating power for exerting your influence over others, men or women.

But the person you wish to dominate will NOT be zombified or put into a dazed trance. They will be the same as ever. BUT you will notice that they respond much more readily to your wishes. They will be much more compliant. For example:

  • If you’re with a guy that cheats on you, he will begin to abide by your wishes for fidelity.
  • If your spouse wants a divorce, but you wish to stay together, he or she will start to have second thoughts about going through with it.
  • If you’re with a guy that likes to go out drinking with his friends, this working will keep him home more often.
  • If you’re with a guy that is dominated by his mother, or by another member of his family, he will begin to listen to you much more often.
  • If you’re with a woman that’s always flirting with other guys this will stop her and she’ll start doing as you say.

The Zombi Mummy Formulation No. 7 was originally taught to me by my Vudu mentor, Earl Marlowe. This is how he described it:

“This working go back to Africa, to Egypt, and the original man, the Nubian, the black man. Make no mistake, it’s black arts. But you gotta remember that another word for Egypt was was ‘black.’ So this is the conjuration of the Egypts, the Egyptian arts, and the way of knowledge and understanding.

This working based on the pyramids that was built by the original man. Them pyramids was based on sound. The original man conjured sonic entities from the primal layers of the etheric lane. These entities live in the pyramids. The pyramids was mystic architecture.”

This same pyramid power – harnessed by the original man (and nothing to do with new age fantasies) – goes into the Zombi Mummy Formulation No.7. It uses sonic spirits and zombi atavisms from the primal forests. All of which are commanded and configured on your behalf to bring you the power to bend anybody, male or female, to your will – making them yours to command.

How It Works

One hour before midnight, I go to my ritual area at a wild and deserted crossroads a few miles east from me. I light a small fire to attract the spirits and I place key ritual items around the fire – including a zombi and mummy doll, a small black wooden pyramid, and a bottle of herbal formulation.

When midnight strikes, I begin my chants and prayers to conjure the spirits from the sound spirals of the ether – who I petition with your domination wish. When the spirits arrive I commune with them and outline your mortal plea to them. Once accepted, the spirits enter into the ritual items, imbuing them with magical power.

After offerings are left for the spirits, I collect the ritual items up and put them into an old cigar box. This is the Vudu amulet, the artifact of power, the contents include:

  • Zombi Mummy Doll – made of clay and mixed with charcoal dust from the primal forest. Bound and powerless against your will.
  • Black Pyramid Stone – acts as an antenna to draw the universal forces of domination to you.
  • Zombi Skroll – covered in mystic sigils otherwise known “unknown tongues,” the language of the spirits.
  • Mummy Dust – Powerful Vudu formula for you to sprinkle on the various artifacts stored in the wooden box amulet.

Once the Zombi Mummy Formulation No.7 kicks in, the person you wish to dominate will become putty in your hands. They’ll be unable to say no to your needs and desires.

Once the Zombi Mummy Formulation No.7 kicks in, the person you wish to dominate will become putty in your hands – unable to say no to you.

Zombi Mummy Formulation No. 7

Bend any man or woman to your will…

Only $375 USD. (Free P&P)

Rituals are performed between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how the ritual was conducted, plus instructions on what to do next.