Made to order, Archangel workings help with protective, spiritual cleansing needs, matters of the heart, along with removing nefarious magic or dealing with wrongdoers.

Tailored to your specific case, Dark Angel creates this powerful archangel doll out of earthy Mississippi clay collected from an old ruined church out in the country. Depending on your requirements, this working (conducted by both Dark Angel and Doktor Snake) harnesses the spiritual power of a given archangel appropriate to bring the outcome you need.

The bottom line: this is all-round results magick.

If your need is complex or great, this is a working you can’t do without. At very least you need to bookmark this page and come back to it in your time of need, or if your situation turns desperate. It could well prove the catalyst you need to transform your life and solve your issues.

archangel doll church interior

How it works

You let us know your specific needs and fill us in on your details. After that you have two choices:

  1. We conduct the whole working on your behalf. First we look into your case to assess the best way forwards. We then choose the archangel you need, along with creating its sacred sigil. From there we conduct a ceremony to imbue your archangel doll with numinous power.
  2. You specify the archangel and sigil you require. Dark Angel creates the doll, and we will load it with power during an arcane ceremony at a place of power. This option is for those with occult knowledge and and understanding of the archangels and the power they hold.

What we do

Once Dark Angel has created your Archangel Doll, we conduct a ritual at an old disused church, either in the American South or in Eastern England, depending where we are at the time (and dependent on what’s going on travel-wise in the current Covid crisis).

Typically, we perform our rites at midnight, the witching hour. We light our ritual fire, throwing sage, cinnamon sticks and cedar into the flames. Intoning incantations in the “diabolus tongue” of ancient mystery traditions, we call down the powers of the chosen archangel. When the air goes eerily still and a sense of deep peace comes upon us, we know that the archangel has arrived and will listen to our petition.

Recognize that we use the power of the archangels solely for good and for the betterment of those who feel powerless in the world. That’s our moral and ethical remit.

Order Now

When your order goes through you’ll get a questionnaire to specify your details and your requirements.


Powerful angelic doll, made to order, tailored to your needs.

(Note: You might find that there small cracks in your doll. This is normal. It’s not broken. It’s what happens with natural clay).

Only $260.00. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)



Allow three weeks for your items to be shipped. Dark Angel creates the artifacts especially for you, which are tailored to your case (you won’t find anything like them anywhere else). This takes two weeks. On the third week, she and Doktor Snake conduct your ritual work. After that, your items are sent to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how the ritual was conducted, plus instructions on what to do next.