Swamp Vudu From The Realm Of Shadows & Oak Thickets – Graveyard Dirt, Hexwork, & JuJu Bags, Curses, Conjurations & Incantations

Dark and brooding, amidst the shadowy cottonfields, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel conjure the dark gods of swamp vudu to create artifacts of power for those that need a remedy for their situation, or a solution to their issues.

Clients travel many a mile down dirt track roads, through fetid swamps, to find the good doctor and his muse. For they know that power can be found that will set things to rights in their lives.

With pestle and mortar, fire ablaze, Dark Angel knows the secrets of the old swamp vudu doctors. And Doktor Snake, from his time with Trinidadian conjure doctor, Earl Marlowe (chronicled in Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook), knows how to call upon ancient atavisms from the shimmering wastes of the far western reaches of the etheric plane.

Together, the two can create roots and arcane artifacts that hold deep, numinous power that can turn things around and bring the changes you need.