Swamp Vudu From The Realm Of Shadows & Oak Thickets

Graveyard Dirt, Hexwork, & JuJu Bags, Curses, Conjurations & Incantations…

Roots and arcane artifacts with deep, numinous power which can turn things around and bring the changes you need.

Power (All Requests)

Love & Relationships

Hex & Bad Spirit Removal + Protection

exorcism services

Exorcism Services – Demons & Evil Spirits Cast Out – Inc. Succubi & Incubi

Onsite or virtual exorcisms conducted after initial consultation and in-depth analysis of your case. Are you or one of your loved ones being harassed and tormented by a demon or evil spirit? Are you being visited at night by an incubus or succubus? Are you plagued by strange, unexplained paranormal phenomena and believe this is […]

Curses & Hexes

hex ball

Hex Ball

Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice. Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants. NOTE: Don’t resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. Created by Dark Angel in the swamplands of Mississippi. If you need somebody to leave or move away, the key ingredient will be Hot Foot Powder. If it is […]

hex bottle

Hex Bottle

Curse an enemy, get rid of a troublesome person, or break up a couple with this baleful artifact. Created amidst the shadowy, brooding cottonfields of Mississippi, a Hex Bottle will remove a foe from your life or destroy a relationship. WARNING: Don’t resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. The wrongdoer must truly be […]

Money & Finances

key to riches

Key To Riches – Powerful Vudu Cash Collector Ritual

New & Improved! (Key To Riches 2.0) Configured to draw money, wealth and abundance. Spiritual artifacts charged during powerful graveyard ritual. Acts as your mascot to affluence. From Doktor SnakeSaturday, 9:23PM In these troubled economic times, we’ve fixed up my Key To Riches ritual to draw abundance to you and destroy all lack in your […]

Candle Workings

Virtual Workings (Done Fast)

Roots, Oils & Curios

Luck Coins

Lucky Coins

Mysterious old British pennies that bring good fortune… People have been down on their luck, at their very wits end of despair…but when they found or stumbled across a lucky coin everything changed for them… Through some odd circumstance, they stumbled across an old coin – a lucky penny. And almost instantly, the good things […]

JuJu Bags

Swamp vudu formulas for all your needs… Dark Angel creates JuJu bags from her swamp recipes to fit your exact requirements. Depending on her analysis of your situation, she may include goofer dust, hotfoot powder or graveyard dirt, along with various roots and herbs. Plus all Dark Angel’s swamp recipes come with a sigil paper […]

Limited Editions

halloween ancestors lucky spellbag sixpence

Lucky Halloween Ancestors’ Spellbag – Money & Gambling Luck, Good Fortune

Get a lucky boost in your fortunes with this year’s Halloween Special… Halloween or “All Hallow’s Eve” is a very powerful time to conduct workings related to our ancestors, ancient and modern. In bygone times, most people would bake soul cakes to feed their loved ones who had passed on to the next world. It […]

Wealth, Power & Dominance