hex bottle

Curse an enemy, get rid of a troublesome person, or break up a couple with this baleful artifact.

Created amidst the shadowy, brooding cottonfields of Mississippi, a Hex Bottle will remove a foe from your life or destroy a relationship.

WARNING: Don’t resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. The wrongdoer must truly be a wrongdoer or else this magick will not work. But if they are guilty of maleficence, then BOOM!!! The Hex Bottle will get them out of your life, big time.

As to breaking up a couple, the same proviso applies. You must be justified in wishing to destroy a relationship – E.G. it must be toxic in some way and splitting up the couple is for the greater good.

How it works

Dark Angel creates the baleful head of your Hex Bottle by hand from clay gathered in the swamps of Mississippi. Various arcane oils and roots are mixed into the clay.

Once created, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel hook up via video link and perform a black ritual to charge the Hex Bottle with maximum malevolent power.

All Hex Bottles come complete with:

  • Goofer Dust Oil – an all-round powerhouse oil, especially good for black work.
  • Popsicle sticks – to write the name of your enemy on, or the names of the couple you wish to break up.
  • Nine rusty pins – to drop into the bottle, adding more infernal power.

What you do

We’ve charged your Hex Bottle with numinous power. The bottle itself is empty. You simply need to fill the bottle with vinegar (from any grocery store if you don’t have any in your pantry), then add the Goofer Dust Oil, popsicle stick, and rusty pins into the mix.

Put the stopper back on. Shake the bottle.

Then, if hexing an enemy, take the bottle to a stream and throw it in – they will be impelled to get out of your life and/or leave town. If you’re breaking up a couple, take the bottle to a crossroads and hurl it onto the ground with all your might.

Comes complete with leaflet of instructions.

Only $300. $10 P&P USA – $20 rest of the world.


Please allow ten to fifteen days for your item(s) to be delivered via tracked & signed postal mail or UPS.