Shortcut to wealth – want less

shortcut wealth want less

In the end, your level of wealth is dictated by how much stuff you want – but can’t afford. It’s all down to desire. If you don’t want a lot, but can pay your bills, and have a reasonable place to live, you’re doing okay.

You could call yourself rich because you have all you need. In fact, you could probably better describe yourself as content.

What more could a man or woman need?

But if you’re forever striving for more and more money, to buy more stuff, you are likely far from content in life. Mostly you’ll feel stressed and continually discontented.

The moment you decide not to want a lot is the moment you’ll have more money at your disposal.

In a sense, it truly is a shortcut to wealth.

And if you happen to build a modest (or for that matter huge) empire, you won’t be continually yearning for more. And you’ll have the right mindset to do a lot of good in the world – or a lot of good for your local community. Whatever you choose.

That is the road to feeling a great deal of satisfaction.

Personally, I see most of the consumer goods on offer as being a big bore – and worse, they tie you down, freedom wise.

I do like cars and driving, though. But most of the modern hi-spec cars have a lot of automation built in, which for me takes the fun and skill out of driving. Things like parking sensors – I prefer to gauge it with spatial awareness. And I like to switch on the headlamps when it’s getting dark, or the wipers when it’s starting to rain.

But what I do like about modern high-end cars is the power and response of the engines. And I like big engines even if they drink gas.

So if somebody tries to sell me a top-spec car, I tell them I want a hellishly powerful engine, but the rest basic. I don’t even want a computer chip in the machine.

So essentially I don’t want the “luxuries” money can buy – more a quality custom vehicle that is fun and requires skill.

It’s pretty much the same with every other damn thing too.

That’s why to me, wealth and riches are all about not wanting much – especially glitzy consumer goods.

So you can be wealthy right now by wanting less.

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