Sigil Magick & Blood Rites: Synchronized Sorcery Across The Atlantic

sigil magick blood rites

Our watches synchronized. We were five thousand miles apart. But that didn’t stop us fixing up some sorcery that needed to be done…

The game was to nudge the tentacles of fate, just a little, so we could put a certain situation to rights. In truth, it was Dark Angel’s situation. I was merely helping out.

Thus I created a sigil geared to what Dark Angel needed done, photographed it and sent it to her phone.

It was way after midnight when Dark Angel got to performing her obsidian rites under the black moon (for me it was around 9am, so far more civilized.) She used her ritual dagger to draw my sigil in the dirt, then went into a visionary trance, calling on God knows what (I always think it’s best not to ask).

She then traced a circle around the dirt-hewn sigil with lighter fuel and set a match to it. At the center of the flaming circle she placed a crystal bowl filled with water, and floated a night-light candle in it. At the culmination of her rite, Dark Angel burned the paper sigil in its flickering flame.

As the sigil burned to a cinder, the smoke sent the intention of the sigil into the ether, the place of imaginings and shimmering formations that, given the right conjurations, can manifest in the material world.

As to me, I was out in the British countryside near to an old track, sitting in my car enjoying the glorious summer skies, and watching the odd cloud roll by.

Dark Angel then messaged me at the culmination of her rite, saying, “It’s time for you to do your bit…”

Blood Rite

With my original sigil at the ready, I got out my pocket knife and made an incision in my hand to draw blood, which I let drip over the sigil paper. Some things have to be done, however macabre, and blood was what Dark Angel demanded, so she got it.

I then took my sigil with me down the old straight track, and through a corn field to an old oak that stood majestically in the middle of the field.

Calling upon the old gods and spirits of the place, I deposited my sigil in the roots of the oak. And with that our diabolic witchcraft was done.

Tree lined country footpath norfolk uk

The Result?

It’s still ongoing. Dark Angel is monitoring the situation she’s dealing with. It definitely solved the issue in the short term. But she’s awaiting long-term results. And they may well come. It is all righteous. She’s merely looking to improve a certain young individual’s future.

I will say no more, save that, like me, Dark Angel does these sorceries, but recognizes that if results come one cannot claim, one way or the other, whether the obsidian magick was the catalyst or not.

That dear reader is always the best way.

The Fires Burn…

Moving on… once we’d done our diabolic witchcraft it was back to the real world for me. Crumbling economies, an often hazardous virus on the loose, and a highly uncertain future. It seemed to me that Dark Angel and I had accessed an older reality with our magick, but we were in a world where the great empires are falling.

America and the dollar itself are in a precarious position. Unemployment could hit 50 million and that joblessness for many may well be permanent. This isn’t just down to the lockdowns and closing the economy; it’s down to the huge revolution that’s going on under our noses. Mostly notably AI and automation. Jobs were being lost way before Covid 19 arrived on the scene. But the virus speeded up the the massive changes to our economies.

Rome itself is burning. The great empires are floundering. We cannot predict the future with any certainty. The Lords of Chaos are at the helm. Whether they’ll sink the ship or not, we cannot say. But there will be disarray and suffering before the Lords of Order return the balance back to equilibrium.

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