Sigil magic – heavy duty fire power – get the job done – maximum results in minimum time – delivered via email…

sigil magick

From: Dark Angel
Friday 17:23PM

How would it feel to have somebody take care of whatever you need. Such as:

  • Several thousand bucks to help you pay some bills.
  • Get rid of that annoying girlfriend that just keeps messing up your marriage.
  • Boost gambling luck – get the edge over the casino and with other games of chance.
  • Astral project to check what somebody is up to (you’ll know exactly who that is, I’m sure).
  • Increase your psychic and occult abilities.
  • Sense which cryptocurrencies will rise in value and bring profits.
  • Return an ex and bend them to your will.
  • Turn the tables on an enemy – gain the upper hand.
  • Increase sales in your business – despite hyper inflation and global economic woes.
  • Open your third eye and boost your psychic abilities.
  • Or name your request…

Sigils are one of my favorite ways to practice magic. They allow me to combine my two passions: art and magic. My sigils are seriously powerful. Doktor Snake has used my work in his rituals.

A sigil is a symbol created to invoke an intention, and can be used for manifestation, protection, and power, Some would say the right sigil could even open doors to a new realm. Some sigils have existed since the ancient times, the most famous would be found in King Solomon’s Ars Goetia – those used in demon summoning.

How do you think Doktor Snake has gotten so many things in his life?

He has been doing sigils for years! I have too. And together we have come up with some sigils that will pack a power punch for you.

I create your sigil from the details you provide. We do a ritual on the astral plane, which charges and activates your sigil. It is then delivered to you via email with a letter of instructions. You simply meditate on your sigil to get the results you need.

Click below to get your sigil today. Created by me, Dark Angel. Approved by Doktor Snake himself.

Dark Angel’s Sigil Magic

Firepower that gets the job done…

Cost $333.00. (Delivered via email)