spiritual advisory

Book a 30-minute Spiritual Advisory call with Dark Angel and I.

Discuss your case in detail.

Get solutions and practical advice you can use.

We look at your situation to figure out whether you need a spiritual solution, or whether you “mind power” techniques to solve your issues and make a better, more productive and happy life.

From there, we give your advice you can use in your life – right then and there. It’s no exaggeration that our Spiritual Advisory calls have changed people’s lives in an instant. This is how powerful our teachings are.

Calls are thirty minutes. When you order, you’ll be able to fill out your spiritual advisory questionnaire to fill us in on your details and outline the situation you’d like our advice on.

We’ll then email you to sort out the best day and time for us to call you.

Spiritual Advisory Call

30-minute call to solve your issues.

Only $75.00. No Shipping Fees.


(Note: I don’t typically do a reading during these calls, but you can order one at our Card Readings page).