• Helping hands for any requirement, including matters of love and money, to gambling and spiritual cleansing.
  • Plus fixing a boss, getting rid of troublesome people or bad neighbors, and breaking up couples.
  • Designed to fit your budget, these workings will turn your situation around.
  • They will have your back when nobody else does, and the issues you face will be overcome.

Standard Spells

break influence Break Influence Spell - Stop Relatives Or Friends From Interfering In Your Relationship... Perhaps a relative (parents, aunt/uncle, grandparents, etc) of the person you… Read More
Cash in a flash Money Machine: Cash In A Flash - Powerful "helping hand" to boost your money luck... Doktor Snake is author of the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo. Seller… Read More
lawsuit voodoo spell Lawsuit Spell – Get Justice – Get What’s Rightfully Yours – Win A Case - Need justice? Need to get what's rightfully yours? Get what's owed to you? Or stop a claim against you? If… Read More
good grades mojo hand Good Grades Spell – Exam Success - Get the edge with any test or examination you're taking... This powerful spell, based on old time voodoo and astral,… Read More
find your soul mate voodoo love spell mojo hand Soulmate Spell – Find True Love - Have you tired all the dating sites, still NO LUCK? Tired of blind dates, still NO SPARK? Sick of watching… Read More
break up a couple mojo Break Up A Couple Spell – Split ‘Em Up - Are you sick and tired of seeing the one you love with someone else? Did your spouse leave you for… Read More
psychic power mojo Psychic Power Spell – Enhance Your Psi-Power - Have you been told you have empathic abilities? Would you like to bring your abilities to their full potential? Have… Read More
follow me boy gay man edition Gay Love Spell – Follow Me Boy (Gay Man Edition) – Powerful Same Sex Spellcasting - Specifically Made for Gay Men! Is there a man you want in your life, but you can't quite get him… Read More
gangstalking mojo Stop Gangstalking Spell – Powerful Defense Working – Fight Back Against Persecution – Status: Defcon 2 - Are you a targeted individual? Are you a victim of gangstalking? Voice-To-Skull technology? Are you being followed by sinister individuals?… Read More
marriage mojo Marry Me – Marriage Spell – Tie The Knot – Gain Ultimate Commitment - Have you been dreaming of the day he/she says yes - or pops the BIG QUESTION? Does it seem like… Read More
celebrity lover ritual Celebrity Lover Spell – Hook Up With Somebody Famous - Brings a famous person, movie or music star to you for a relationship or intimacy... NOTE: This spellworking is for… Read More
spiritual cleansing Spiritual Cleansing Spell – Cast Off Hexes, Curses & Negativity - Do things seem somehow off? Are you always dogged by negativity? Are you carrying baggage from your past? Do you… Read More
Shake A Hex Spell – Remove A Curse - HAVE THINGS SEEMED SOMEHOW OFF LATELY? Have you felt uneasy? Having sleepless nights? Do you hear strange voices in your… Read More
Bitch Begone Spell – Get Rid Of The Other Woman - Does your man seem to have his eyes fixed on the floozy who keeps coming around? Is your best girlfriend… Read More
no stray mojo No Stray Spell – Stop Cheating & Infidelity - Has your partner been distant? Later than usual coming home? Do they seem to be clinging to their cell phone… Read More
return your luck mojo Restore Your Luck Spell – Brings Good Fortune - Has your luck gone south? Are you sick and tired not being in the right place at the right time?… Read More
Love Binding Spell – Keep Your Partner True For Life - Have you fallen hard for someone? And you know they are the one! Maybe they aren't reciprocating your feelings? No… Read More
police shield mojo Police Shield Spell – Keep The Cops Off Your Back – Hardcore Voodoo - Do you need to keep the long arm of the law at bay? Are you being unfairly targeted? Need to… Read More
Job Spell – Boost Employment Prospects – Gimmie That Job - Do you feel you are being over looked? Did a coworker get promoted ahead of you? Have you not gotten… Read More
Boss Fix Spell – Hex An Employer Or Supervisor – Hardcore Voodoo - Is your employer or supervisor a bully? Are they holding you back from bettering yourself? Do they show a total… Read More
bad neighbor zapper Bad Neighbor Removal Spell – Get Rid Of Troublesome People Next Door – Hardcore Voodoo - Is a neighbor causing you hell? Are they noisy or throwing parties all the time? Always causing trouble and strife?… Read More
Manhood Jinxer Spell – Fix A Guy’s Virility So He Can “Perform” With You & Nobody Else – Hardcore Voodoo - IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS YOURS AND TEACH HIM A LESSON! Are you done with his fooling around?… Read More
protection mojo Protection Spell – Deliverance From Evil – Drive The Devil Out - Need deliverance from evil? Does your home feel different cold and unwelcoming? Do you feel a presence? Nightmares? YOU MIGHT… Read More
get the hell out mojo Get The Hell Out – Hot Foot Spell – Makes A Wrongdoer Leave Town – Hardcore Voodoo - Is a wrongdoer causing you (or a family member) grief? Are they holding you back? Do you need to get… Read More
courtwork mojo Courtwork Spell – Sway The Judge – Get Sentence Overturned – Hardcore Voodoo - Featuring Granny Sumlin's "Sway The Judge" Formula... Need to get off a bad rap? Get a sentence overturned? Nothing seems… Read More
love drawing mojo Love Drawing Spell – Romance & Passion – Find Your Twin Flame – Powerful Voodoo - Want to bring love into your life? Is somebody proving hard to get and you need to move things forwards?… Read More
return a lover mojo Return A Lover Spell – Bring Your Ex Back – Powerful Voodoo - Has your lover or spouse left you? Is it hard, or even utterly heart-rending, to live without them? Do you… Read More
fast money mojo Fast Money Spell – Cash In A Flash – Powerful Voodoo - Are you in need of a quick fix with a reliable spell caster? Doktor Snake has over 20 years of… Read More
Bend Over Spell – Comply To My Will – Hardcore Voodoo - Someone not playing ball? Make 'em stand down and submit to your will. It might be family member, an organization,… Read More
Gambling Spell – Voodoo’s #1 Gamblers’ Companion Sigil – Packs A Lucky Power Punch - Powerhouse for gambling. Configured to make Lady Luck smile on you when you hit the casino, play lotteries or slots,… Read More
cosmic mojo Cosmic Mojo - Meteors, lunar eclipse, full moon - manifest wishes with our Cosmic Mojo working... Ritual November 9th. Full Moon on November… Read More
Mirror Love Box Mirror Love Box - Sends your feelings to the one you love and draws out their feelings for you. Dark and brooding, amid the… Read More
hex ball Hex Ball stop them in their tracks with voodoo hex - Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice. Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants. NOTE: Don't resort to… Read More
vudu dolls handmade Voodoo Dolls: Love, Protection, Hex - Voodoo dolls handmade by Dark Angel. Love and passion. Protection from negative forces and people. Retribution on a wrongdoer. Charged… Read More
juju bags swamp voodoo JuJu Bags - Swamp voodoo formulas for all your needs... (one request per Juju Bag) Juju bags can be configured to all requirements,… Read More