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Doktor Snake is author of the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo. Seller of over 20,000 certified Vudu workings since 1999. Globally acknowledged authority on the Vudu and mind power.

We bring you Vudu, divination, dark psychology, mind manipulation techniques, protection against hexes, protection (and fight back) for targeted individuals, and black arts… in short, the most powerful magick on this spinning Earth. (Plus when you sign up you get our FREE Vudu Power e-book).

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The Vudu and Dark Psychology techniques we espouse have ancient roots and remain shrouded in whirling mists of mystery…

What is certain is they can have a tangible and transforming effect on our internal psychological world – the mind – which creates our realities.

Everything is a construct of our own minds. Thus when we summon demons, for example, we are working with aspects of our minds, which often vie for dominance.

Therefore controlling them or accepting them is a powerful method of self-empowerment.

Not only that, but it brings you protection from the many malign forces in the modern world which seek to manipulate you and control you…

For example, if you are the victim of one of the “dark triads” – sociopath, narcissist, psychopath – you will not only be able to spot them a mile off, you’ll be able to defend yourself against them.

In short, you will be adept in the arts of Dark Psychology.

You will be able to use it yourself to better your life and deal mercilessly with those who seek to use it against you.

The same holds true if you are a Targeted Individual – the victim of Gangstalking. You’ll be in a position to fight back, and will no longer be at the mercy of groups and individuals who are targeting you for malevolent reasons.

Above all else, you will be equipped to make your life the way you want it to be. To sculpt it according to your wishes and desires.

This is the way of the magickian…

We are our own gods and shapers of our own realities.

It’s all about become adepts in the arts of mind control, which includes taming both the “word virus” (internal dialog) and the “rearing horse” of the emotional brain – along with utilizing the attributes of the 72 infernal demons that lie within (these are mapped in the Ars Goetia grimoire).

Indeed, this training can rightly be called black arts, for it is a practice hidden in the obsidian shade.

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Unlike the determined seeker, the masses fear to look into the shadows…

They opt for waking sleep over the illumination that can be found in the dark light.

This is no surprise for it is no easy path. It demands we confront the demons that lurk within.

Yet these ghastly horrors that inhabit our psyches are routes to becoming our own gods and shaping our realities according to our will and innate destiny.

So dear acolyte, sleep no more! Awaken! Recognize that we are the gods of this world.

Let the beast rise and claim its birthright.

Cast asunder the insipid, jabbering mindless masses.

Become master of your mental ship. Take the helm and sail the ship where you will.

For you are God!

Not some mystery spook created to control you and cast you into thralldom.

Awake and seize that which is yours for the taking! Grasp the wealth, power and dominance that is rightfully yours!”

Gain Wealth, Power and Dominance (And Any Other Damn Thing You Desire) With The Most Powerful Magick On This Spinning Earth…

With over 70 years practicing the black arts between us, Dark Angel and I can not only show you how to manipulate the fibers of fate in your favor, but also help you achieve your deepest desires in life.

We’ve done it with countless others. So why not you?

Don’t you think you deserve it?

Don’t you think the playing field should be leveled – so you too can get a slice of the good life?

Ask yourself:

How come Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire? How come J.K. Rowling went from welfare to mega-selling author with a simple kids’ book? How come Jennifer Lawrence, a humble Kentucky girl, was propelled to fame as a teenager? How come Taylor Swift can hook any guy she wants with a click of her finger? How come Jay-Z went from the hood to mixing with the world’s financial elites?

It didn’t happen by chance…

Sure, they’re all talented and have unique skills. But so do a lot of people, and most of them are still living on the breadline; frustrated at going nowhere, or despondent that everything they do comes to nothing.

They don’t understand why it is they never seem to get their fair share of the abundance and happiness that life offers.

photo of code projected over woman

If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time you took matters into your own hands and did something about it. And stop banging your head against a brick wall.

Recognize that there really is more “in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (to quote Shakespeare).

The bottom line is:

Successful people have harnessed the arcane powers of the black arts, including the ability to control the wayward mind and emotions, along with utilizing the attributes of the infernal demons within (mapped in the Ars Goetia grimoire). None of which has ever been fully revealed in books, and is only handed down via initiates.

In other words, successful people have access to hidden knowledge that you don’t. This is what propels them to greatness, and allows them to have the lion’s share of spoils on this planet.

They aren’t in the 1% for nothing. It wasn’t dumb luck…

No. One way or another, they utilized forces that most of the world sees as dark and nefarious. But in reality these forces are neutral. They are neither good or evil. They are simply energy – or rather unbridled, unstoppable, unrelenting POWER.

Recognize that you need to harness these forces too if you wish to gain wealth, power and dominance. It’s the only way to rise up out of your situation…