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Doktor Snake is author of the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo and success classic GET MONEY. Seller of over 20,000 certified magickal workings since 1999. Globally acknowledged authority on mind power and the occult.

Dear Reader,

It may seem implausible given the economic hit from the pandemic, but opportunities abound whatever the situation. In fact, it’s a given IF you know the secret (and it’s a simple one, but we’ll get to that in a moment).

I read in the newspaper this morning how countless small businesses are going under, not to mention jobs lost.

It’s all too easy to despair.

The truth is I could have given up back in the early 90s. I had no money and was at my wits end. Finding a fiver (£5) for food was a major issue at that time.

But I’d been given a secret. You could call it the hidden key to wealth and for that matter happiness in life (it’s not just about money).

It took me a while to get to grips with this secret, simple though it was.

But when I did everything changed for me.

The person that gave me that secret was an enigmatic gentleman I came across at the Harry Price Library Of Magical Literature.

He was staring at me and naturally I thought, “What’s his game?”

But we got talking and he turned out to be a very erudite chap. Excellent company. And we used to get afternoon tea at Kenwood House on London’s Hampstead Heath.

For some reason or other, he took me under his wing. And he got across his thoughts on life along with his teachings on success and wealth.

I realized right away how powerful this was.

Once I put it into practice it was obvious you couldn’t be poor with this secret – not unless you chose to be!

So what was this secret?

It was a set of techniques to harness the literally astounding power that lies within. Once you take the simplicity of it on board, and truly are able to practice it, to put it bluntly you have “god-like” power.

No, you won’t live forever, but you’ll create the life you dream of. And if that involves affluence, then that is what you’ll get.

Sure it takes work. It’s not on a plate. But this enigmatic gentleman also showed me the art of working smart, not hard – along with many down-to-earth methods of setting up a finely-tuned business that literally will pay you even when you sleep. This was the earlier days of the internet, but he had it all figured out. Things like automation and ways to promote your enterprise on a tight budget.

But the real deep secret wasn’t so much the “nuts & bolts” side of things; it was how to achieve the Global Tycoon Mindset. This is a very different way of thinking and operating than is used by the everyday person (not surprising given that most live from paycheck to paycheck).

No. It’s all about empowerment and taking control of your life. No longer being blown hither and thither by the fickle winds of fate, and your own negative emotions and thinking patterns, which hold you back or dump you right into the mire of mediocrity.

So how about you? Do you want to learn this secret?

Do you want to get into the money mindset and achieve wealth and success? Do you want to be all you can be and know that, whatever happens, you’ll always be resourceful and able turn a buck even during an economic depression?

If so, let’s look at what you get from my Success & Wealth Coaching…

  • Powerful mind power techniques for success that I use myself and have taught to clients over the last 30 years.
  • Life-changing ways of thinking that will put you in control of your life, rather than at the behest of the fickle winds of fate.
  • Visionary trance systems that will put you in touch with your subconscious mind (the powerhouse within), bringing you wealth and money in abundance.
  • Observational techniques that give you a shrewd idea of what others are thinking and what their motivations are – not to mention allowing you to read everybody in the room.
  • Ways to use words and language to influence people to your way of thinking, be it in business, negotiation or selling.
  • Plus practical, real-world money-making and marketing advice you can use, whatever your situation, whatever your ambitions in life.

This is hardcore – in the trenches – mind power and guerrilla marketing.

Proven techniques used by Doktor Snake himself to get major publishing deals, mainstream media coverage (including TV and talk radio)… and to set up a string of businesses over the last twenty years. Not to mention helping clients in technology, bricks & mortar, and finance achieve their goals.

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