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Campfire in a firebowl, autumn evening, birch forest in the background

Fire Readings

Dark Angel lights her ceremonial fire bowl, throwing cedar twigs and leaves into the sacred flames, bringing protection from negative energies and any rogue spirits that maybe abroad. She then petitions both your ancestors and hers to come forth and speak their wisdom. Dark Angel looks into the flames for meaningful images and symbols, which […]

wake up be happy fulfilled

How To “Wake Up” And Be Happy

Finding happiness and fulfillment in life demands we learn to be consciously aware and face our inner emotional demons which control much of our life, say Dark Angel and Doktor Snake Most of us sleepwalk through life. We are on autopilot, little more than robots, reacting rather than actively dealing with things. Inconsequential incidents put […]

Luck Coins

The Lucky Coin

How a mysterious British penny brought remarkable good fortune to all those it was handed to. Maddie was sitting in a bus depot in Chicago. She was poor and down on her luck. It seemed like it had been this way since she’d left school at eighteen. She was now thirty-five and things still weren’t […]

be happy very little

Be happy with very little

The less you have the happier and more free you are. Possessions weigh you down. You need some things, obviously. But too many enslave you and place demands on your time. If you work all hours to be in a position to buy consumer goods, you have little freedom. You’re cash rich, but time poor. […]

shortcut wealth want less

Shortcut to wealth – want less

In the end, your level of wealth is dictated by how much stuff you want – but can’t afford. It’s all down to desire. If you don’t want a lot, but can pay your bills, and have a reasonable place to live, you’re doing okay. You could call yourself rich because you have all you […]

Magical Candy Land scene with a ginger bread house, 3d render.

Don’t live in a fantasy world – daydreaming has consequences

Even when we are awake, we are as good as asleep most of the time. We’re busy daydreaming or fantasizing. That’s fine IF our daydreaming – our mental movies – are positive. If they’re negative, there are consequences.  For example, if somebody annoys you, or sleights you in some way, you might run a mental […]

woman plants her flag on the mountain peak as a sign of success

How to get what you want in life

The first step to getting what you want in life is to recognize that you are God. It’s you that make things happen. You create your reality and situation and the issues you face. Therefore, you can create the life you want. It’s all about taking the time to actually do it. Of course, it […]

Think you can’t change the past? Think again…

A 1988 experiment suggested that it is possible to change the past. Volunteers appeared to alter the sounds on prerecorded cassettes. It was as if they had gone back in time to alter the original recordings. Changing them with the power of their minds. If this is possible, then it stands to reason we may […]