sigil magick

Sigil magic – heavy duty fire power – get the job done – maximum results in minimum time – delivered via email…

From: Dark AngelFriday 17:23PM How would it feel to have somebody take care of whatever you need. Such as: Several thousand bucks to help you pay some bills. Get rid of that annoying girlfriend that just keeps messing up your marriage. Boost…
walpurgis ritual ceremony

Walpurgis Night Of The Witches Ritual (April 30th)

Powerful ritual - conducted on April 30th at the "Witches Stone" - channels medieval witches to manifest specific needs or desires you have in life... Special discounted price: $250 (normally $750). Brings... All round power and protection.Gets…
cosmic mojo

Cosmic Mojo

Meteors, lunar eclipse, full moon - manifest wishes with our Cosmic Mojo working... Ritual November 9th. Full Moon on November 19th is a unique event. One to be taken advantage of in terms of bringing serious numinous power to the table. Not…
voodoo box ritual

Voodoo Box Spell: Loaded With Power To Solve Your Issues

Hex. Love. Protection. money. legal. all needs. Offers maximum Voodoo power. Cast in the graveyard. Calls upon the spirits... Dark and brooding, amid the windswept cottonfields of the Deep South, we conjure the spirits of swamp…
conjure bottles

Conjure Bottles: All Round Voodoo Powerhouse

Buy with a mojo bag (for maximum firepower) you get a $275 discount! If a wrong-doer has hit you with a curse, you'll be clear of all ill-effects and maledictions. If the love of your life has walked out, they'll come runnin' back. If…
juju bags swamp voodoo

JuJu Bags

Swamp voodoo formulas for all your needs... (one request per Juju Bag) Juju bags can be configured to all requirements, including love, money, gambling luck, spiritual protection, securing a job, and making a person bend down or comply to…