Egyptian Cat Snake Wand

Curios: Spiritual Baths, Anointing Oils, & More

Our curios consist of addons for existing spellworkings you've had done. Or they can be used as standalone magickal items in themselves. All ingredients are gathered from nature by Dark Angel and are charged by her and Doktor Snake.
spiritual baths

Spiritual Baths: Remove Negativity, Restore Your Soul

Authentic spiritual baths made to order by Dark Angel... Whether you need to shake off evil or restore your spirit, Dark Angel's spiritual baths will renew your mind/body system. If you need to shake a jinx, restore your luck, remove…
red brick dust

Red Brick Dust

Use it to clean your entrance ways (front and back), window sills or the four corners of your house, apartment or place of business. Can be added to floor washes or sprinkled directly to ward off evil, curses, or to keep enemies away. Alternatively, sprinkle it in your car or truck to ensure safe travel.
anointing oils candle dressing

Candle Dressing & Voodoo Anointing Oils

For dressing candles and feeding mojo bags. Dark Angel's candle dressing/anointing oils are 100% natural, hand-made from plant and root essences. They are supplied with various workings of ours. If you need extra supplies of oils simply…
b52 candle booster

B52 Candle Booster

Increases the power of your spellworking. Literally launches a "B52 Bomber" in spiritual terms to add that extra boost that may be required to get the job done. As you know, all our spellworkings come with 3 FREE recasts, if and when the…
candle burning prayer

Candle Burning: Petitions The Spirits To Help With Your Situation

Petitions to help with your situation and support you. State your purpose and Doktor Snake & Dark Angel will burn a candle on their shrine for seven days, on your behalf, with a prayer to the spirits... A lighted candle acts as…
tar water

Tar Water (5ml Bottles)

Authentic Tar Water blended by Dark Angel (and charged by DA and Doc). Used to protect yourself from malign influences, such as evil spirits, demons, dark forces, the evil eye. It’s an ancient concoction that will nullify all malefic energies…
goofer dust

Goofer Dust (Vial) Voodoo – Hoodoo

Most authentic voodoo goofer dust on line Powerful Protection And/Or Cursing Formula. Use to keep black work and negative energies away from you. Or to hex an enemy or cross a relationship. Comes complete with leaflet of instructions. Only…
devils walking stick oil

Devil’s Walking Stick Oil – Seceret voodoo recipe

Makes the Devil walk away and removes all evil from your life. Gathered from the swamps of Southern Mississippi, Dark Angel's Devil's Walking Stick Root formula is highly protective and will keep away all forms of negativity and nefarious…