protect from evil rootwork

Protect Yourself From Evil – Hardcore Vudu Rootwork & Spiritual Cleansing

Could be you plagued by evil spirits, had a curse laid on you, or negativity surrounding you. Dok and Dark Angel lay down the ways you can spiritually cleanse yourself with rootwork - get to the root of the issue and clear it.
coffin nail hex

Coffin nail hex – scare the hell out of an enemy

My Vudu mentor, Earl Marlowe, always preferred curin' to killin'. But if a wrongdoer wouldn't back off he recommended using a coffin nail hex to cause them serious hurt. This is what he said on the subject: "Someone push you too far, no…
coffin box mirror vudu doll

Hex A Wrongdoer With A Coffin Box

Doktor Snake and Dark Angel discuss a traditional southern Vudu way of laying a curse on an adversary.
death powder

Death Powder – Kills A Man In An Instant

Death Powder killed a judge stone dead one time. That's according to my Vudu mentor Earl Marlowe, featured in my Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook. “You don’t wanna mess with Death Powder,” he would say. It was a secret swamp Vudu…
avenging dark angel

Chaos Magick: Curse Of The Avenging Dark Angel

When is it appropriate to unleash a devastating, all-out "shock and awe" curse? And is it even ethical to lay a hellspawn hex on somebody? Well, it's fair to say that the lily-livered among us would be squeamish about doing such a thing.…
to curse or not to curse

To Curse Or Not To Curse?

People have laid curses on those that have slighted them for thousands of years. No doubt going back to antiquity. Clearly, wishing misfortune on one's fellow man or woman isn't the pleasantest ways of going on. But there we are. People do…
demon dolls orginal

Hex Doll: “Looks Good For A Man About To Die” – Hellbane Curse To Take A Guy Out (Read At Your Peril)

Dark Angel had no other choice but to go to war – the guy was an evil lowlife, a threat to decent society, so she hit him with the most terrifying, soul-rending hex doll imaginable. Last night we were on a video call as usual. Separated…

The Curse of Cleopatra’s Needle: Exorcism 1973

It was Halloween night, 1973. Earl Marlowe, a Voodoo doctor originally from Trinidad, was at Cleopatra's Needle on Victoria Embankment, London. He was there with his friend Kathleen, a freelance computer programmer from New York. Using a then…