break influence

Break Influence Spell

Stop Relatives Or Friends From Interfering In Your Relationship... Perhaps a relative (parents, aunt/uncle, grandparents, etc) of the person you love is influencing your relationship in a detrimental way. Maybe your romantic partner…
find your soul mate voodoo love spell mojo hand

Soulmate Spell – Find True Love

Have you tired all the dating sites, still NO LUCK? Tired of blind dates, still NO SPARK? Sick of watching others happy, while you're STILL LONELY? Starting to believe that the term soulmate is just WISHFUL THINKING? Find your…
break up a couple mojo

Break Up A Couple Spell – Split ‘Em Up

Are you sick and tired of seeing the one you love with someone else? Did your spouse leave you for another and you want them back? Is your son or daughter in the wrong relationship? Do you feel that nothing you have tried works and…
marriage mojo

Marry Me – Marriage Spell – Tie The Knot – Gain Ultimate Commitment

Have you been dreaming of the day he/she says yes - or pops the BIG QUESTION? Does it seem like it's at a stand still? Have you been wondering if your true love has cold feet? Is he planning on marrying somebody else - and not you? Or…

Bitch Begone Spell – Get Rid Of The Other Woman

Does your man seem to have his eyes fixed on the floozy who keeps coming around? Is your best girlfriend flirting with the guy you want? Could be a coworker who seems to stir the pot at work... DOESN'T MATTER WHO: IT CAN BE ANY BITCH…
no stray mojo

No Stray Spell – Stop Cheating & Infidelity

Has your partner been distant? Later than usual coming home? Do they seem to be clinging to their cell phone more than normal? Have you noticed they have password lock on their phone and acting strangely? Then you probably need…

Love Binding Spell – Keep Your Partner True For Life

Have you fallen hard for someone? And you know they are the one! Maybe they aren't reciprocating your feelings? No worries, our love binding voodoo spell will bind the one you love to you. If you can't live without them, this will…

Manhood Jinxer Spell – Fix A Guy’s Virility So He Can “Perform” With You & Nobody Else – Hardcore Voodoo

IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS YOURS AND TEACH HIM A LESSON! Are you done with his fooling around? Tired of his lies? Knowing he is going out with other women! IT'S TIME TO FIX HIS LITTLE RENDEZVOUS! LET JUSTICE BE SERVED UPON…
love drawing mojo

Love Drawing Spell – Romance & Passion – Find Your Twin Flame – Powerful Voodoo

Want to bring love into your life? Is somebody proving hard to get and you need to move things forwards? Want to find your soulmate? Or bring your twin-flame to you? Sometimes you find yourself alone and dearly want to attract love.…