good grades mojo hand

Good Grades Spell – Exam Success – Mojo Servitor

Get the voodoo edge with any test or examination you're taking... This Voodoo spell is cast on the etheric plane to help you get the grades you need. Whether it's a university degree, masters or doctorate - or any other type of test you…
find your soul mate voodoo love spell mojo hand

Soulmate Spell – Find True Love – Mojo Servitor

Have you tired all the dating sites, still NO LUCK? Tired of blind dates, still NO SPARK? Sick of watching others happy, while you're STILL LONELY? Starting to believe that the term soulmate is just WISHFUL THINKING? Find your…
break up a couple mojo

Break Up A Couple Spell – Mojo Servitor

Are you sick and tired of seeing the one you love with someone else? Did your spouse leave you for another and you want them back? Is your son or daughter in the wrong relationship? Do you feel that nothing you have tried works and…
psychic power mojo

Psychic Power Spell – Enhance Your Psi-Power – Mojo Servitor

Have you been told you have empathic abilities? Would you like to bring your abilities to their full potential? Have you always wanted read and control the thoughts of others? Want the ultimate power to influence a persons life path? Would…
follow me boy gay man edition

Gay Love Spell – Follow Me Boy (Gay Man Edition) – Mojo Servitor – Powerful Same Sex Working

Specifically Made for Gay Men! Is there a man you want in your life, but you can't quite get him to come around? Does someone else have the attention of the man of your dreams? Or has the spark gone out of your sex life? Do you…
gangstalking mojo

Stop Gangstalking Spell – Powerful Defense Working – Fight Back Against Persecution – Status: Defcon 2 – Mojo Servitor

Are you a targeted individual? Are you a victim of gangstalking? Voice-To-Skull technology? Are you being followed by sinister individuals? Helicopters, black SUVs? Do you hear voices in your head? Do you feel creatures coursing…
marriage mojo

Marriage Spell – Marry Me – Tie The Knot – Gain Ultimate Commitment – Mojo Servitor

Have you been dreaming of the day he/she says yes - or pops the BIG QUESTION? Does it seem like it's at a stand still? Have you been wondering if your true love has cold feet? Is he planning on marrying somebody else - and not you? Or…
celebrity lover ritual

Celebrity Lover Spell – Hook Up With Somebody Famous – Mojo Servitor

Brings a famous person, movie or music star to you for a relationship or intimacy... NOTE: This spellworking is for over-18s only Celebrities and big entertainment stars may seem out of reach. They live on a pedestal with worldwide fame…
spiritual cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing Spell – Cast Off Hexes, Curses & Negativity – Mojo Servitor

Do things seem somehow off? Are you always dogged by negativity? Are you carrying baggage from your past? Do you feel stuck on a dead end street? Does it seem like you will never find love? Are you carrying resentment? Does…