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Get Money & Sex With Voodoo – Men Only – Hardcore Conjuration Servitor

(Under-The-Table Working - Limited Availability) Dream of sexy girls on your arm? Flash car? Money to throw around? You can work to get it. But that takes years. Or you can harness the power of voodoo... With our hardcore…
magic money spirit coins

Magic Money & Spirit Coins

“If you wanna get seriously rich, what you need is magic money,” my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe said once, as we sat in a tiny Italian cafe in the Kings Cross area of London. “Magic money?!” I exclaimed, with a grin. “Ain’t no joke,”…
satans way to riches

Get Rich With Satan

The Satanic view of money is this: it’s all in the mind. Getting money is down to your mental attitude. Cash won’t come to you as a divine gift from heaven or from God (both of which are delusional mental constructs). Nor will it come via…