satanic woman

The Satanic Woman (Part One): “Tradwives – The Devilish Way”

As Satanic women, we need to take back our power - be tradwives the "devilish way", if you like. We need to stand on traditional values and recognize how important we are for developing both a healthy family and for setting our children on…
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What Led You Onto The Satanic Path?

Doktor Snake relates how he got onto the Satanic path as a young boy. After being taught the Bible stories at primary school, he asked teachers: "What exactly is the problem with this chap Satan, he seems positively benign compared to the other…
video interviews doktor snake

As A Satanist Society, What Moral Values & Standards Do You Have, If Any?

In this video, Doktor Snake discusses the morals and standards upheld by The Diabolus Society. He emphasizes that this Satanic organization is rooted in the traditional values of the past, pointing out that modern"woke" times are an "absolute…