Doktor Snake performs a ceremony to charge these talismans with arcane power, making them living, breathing artifacts that will help you gain what you desire in life.

Carry a talisman or amulet with you, and it will bring you into alignment with the occult realm, a formative place where your deepest wishes can manifest in everyday reality.

What People Say

“I love Doc’s talismans and amulets. They really do it for me. They bring me luck and help me see the mystic side of life.” Lilith (San Francisco, USA)

“I needed protection and empowerment.. Doc’s personal power charm brought results.” Sara (Fort Worth, USA)

“I wanted something to carry with me to add power to a spellworking. Doc’s talismans helped out a lot.” Taylor (Oregon, USA)

“Doktor Snake’s talismans are great because you can carry the spell with you.” Maria (London, UK)