What People Say

“I ordered the conjure box from doktor Snake to get my ex boyfriend back and live a long happy life together. Fortunately I would say that, after so much effort, he did not come back to me but the perfect man for me arrived in his place !! .. within the set time and I love it !!!. He loves me like crazy as I love him .. that is, it is incredible! he’s the man I’ve always wanted !! .. doktor Snake is very powerful !! and very kind together with his assistant and above all authentic !! .. thanks doktor Snake !! thanks Cynthia !!!” Andrea from Itally

“I got my reading for first time and it was crazy! Everything Doktor read about me was true. I lost both of my parents 2016&2017, and it took a toll on me. Financially unstable, working extra hard to meet my needs. I’m glad Doktor was able to see what is ahead of me and I am staying positive and on right track. I hope my conjure bag will give me good results in next month or so! Thank you Doktor !!” Youa

“I ordered a personal power protection charm (Voodoo Power Charm) – Charged In The Graveyard By The Spirits from Doktor Snake and it helped fix years of family troubles I was having in my life. It also helped cure my depression and gave me a major boost of energy throughout the day. The talisman also helped protect me and really fixed bad situations around me in my life. I am so grateful and Dr. Snakes work really did make a difference in my life! Thanks again!” Misha Haynie

“I ordered a Gris Gris spiritual cleansing working from Doc. All I can say is WOW! – I feel much more positive. I no longer spend my days lying in bed thinking about all of the negativity in my life. I am productive again, putting my intelligence to use. These things didn’t happen overnight – I waited two months before I started seeing results. I did my part by feeding the Gris Gris and doing the visualisation exercise. Furthermore, Doc is extremely professional and his assistant, Cynthia, replied to all of my emails promptly and with due care. As a bonus they sent me an extra bottle of anointing oil at no extra cost. For anyone looking for noticeable positive change in their life, you can count on Doc to sort you out.” Adam, from Leicester, UK


“Doc is the best, I have come from nothing to something, since 2014, I arrived at his place of help, and indeed that is what he did–to make it clear, I was in a heep, my entire life upside down, no life, now with his help, I have a future, had a wonderful Man in my life, that I took care of, and this Man had little money, but left me everything, home, contents, a vehicle, I came to his doorstep with 0 nothing, but the clothes in my suitcase, I am able to rent my home, move on and shoot for the stars, I became a published author while working with Doc, how cool??!!! and my image changed for the better–(my appearance) and I am moving in a whole new direction!! I will always continue to work with the best, I have the highest regard for Doc and all his has done and will continue to do for me, I was so lucky to have found this help. truly he is amazing in every way and if you need hope, help in all areas, Doc can do what you need!! Doc, I am speechless at what you have done for me, I am grateful beyond words—-May you be overcome with those that are in need of your special help, hugs and love,” Patti, Michigan

“I must say dok is an amazing person. I have been ordering items from him since around 2012. Thats ur 1st clue ppl. Its 2018 and i still order for my needs from him. Doks been there for me thru everything to; actually kinda makes me wanna cry…like better than a best friend..advising me, guiding me. Being patient with me. And his shit works. I went to a lot of casters in past years too, but dok hes for real he knows what hes doing..and he gets ur job done or finds solutions for u till its done. I absolutely will never even try another caster; i found my savior! He tells it like it is to help you and is he’s compassionate about his work. Without him idk where id be today rn. He’s amazing and i recommend asking him for help tell him ur needs. And see dok wont just try to sell you his most expensive spell to make a buck like other casters. But well anyway all i can say is he’s the best and he’s the man and his spells work. They might take time but they do work!!! And i have the upmost respect for him. Thanks dok for everything you do! I love you so much dok.” L from US

“I found the Doc a year or so ago, and have made a few purchases, and what can i say? This stuff really works!!! So happy to have come across this wonderful person, my life now feels charmed and I know that any problems I may have can be overcome with his help. I am never without my talismans and my life is truly improving. The Doc really has your back and I am so glad to have found this truly caring person.” Karen from UK

“Once upon a time there was this woman that had things going upside down then she found Doktor Snake and now my life is so amazing, home, money, car, getting married, inventions, writing books, auditioning again for Americas Got Talent—can it get any better–lost weight changed my look, feel incredible–Doc I love you for what you have done for me–I can not express my gratitude for changing my life–if you want a new life and money and rid yourself of bad people and luck then the “Doc” is your man–let him help you!! love and many hugs!!!! thank you.” P from USA

“Doktor Snake is not only great spellcaster but first of all is our friend. I ordered a few spells from Doktor Snake. Each one of them come from my dream, desire to reality – 100%. My love spells and other spells work very well. Every word which Doktor Snake said about his spells is reality and truth. Thanks Doc!” K from Poland

“I have been with Doktor for about 3 years–my life has changed tremendously– I have improved in every area of my life –he truly cares and is very gifted. I have the angel guiding me spell and it works–I have had such amazing things happen all good and full of light and energy–I just reconnected with an old flame that is wonderful, my weight, health, energy, finances and he got rid of most of my enemies–am so very grateful for you doc, thank you for caring and doing what you are so very good at, love ya always.” P from USA.

“I started working with Doktor Snake around October of last year and have been working on numerous issues. However, I have hung and there and starting to see the rewards of his work. Sometimes people have been under some strong dark clouds for a long time and that energy is tough, but you have to hang in their with the work that Doktor Snake will deliver. I have seen a dramatic turnaround of events starting the last two months and it seems like Christmas time in the Spring. Doktor Snake sticks by his work and it is evidently true. You just have to be patient and see that his works will deliver some outstanding results!” M from USA

“The Doc is awesome!! I have a rather complex situation and his MOJO love hand has been doing wonders to my lover… Someone who has been unfaithful most of his life has been faithful to me for the last two years….It’s continuous work in progress…Thank you Doc!!!” A from New York

“Doc is the best of anyone in this field–I have a life , money, inheritance, new home, new car, and alot of males to choose from when the time is right!! I also have two inventions that he helped me get on track!! $$$$$$ no one can ever help like he does in the worst of situations–I was a mess and now I am on TOP!! I love him for what he does for me and other’s thank you thank you thank you Doc!!! xxoo” P from USA

“I have nothing but praise for Doktor Snake. When he says you will not be forgotten he means it. I have been dealing with Dok on a few occasions and his customer service is incredible. He will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goal.He will help you analyze what is going wrong and rework things to adjust to the situation. I have been working with Doktor Snake on a very tough situation that I am revisiting, and he takes as a personal challenge to do his best to get you the results you desire. So if you had bad experiences from other spellcasters. You will only have positive things to say from your experience dealing with Doktor Snake. I highly recommend him.Jeffrey from Canada

“I had tears after I read your reading for me. It was a relief more than anything else. It is an honour to have you as my guide. I will hold you in very high regard, Doc, because you’ve been the only one in my entire life, that has made me feel safer. I just had that feeling that nobody could truly understand, and I felt like I was drowning, but still keeping my head up out of the water, just enough to catch my breath. I feel so much more in control of myself, because of you, Doc. You’ve given me back my strength again. I don’t feel helpless anymore, and it’s a great feeling, knowing that I don’t have to be the passenger in my own story. I can finally be in the drivers seat…J from USA

“I started working with The Dok around the very end of last year, i remember this as he was currently unavailable to cast my ‘conjure box’ as it was xmas when i enquired. Tried other things and other people but ended up going back to the dok a few months later as my intuition told me he was the one to sort this for me. I have had a few recasts…the last on halloween for a supercharged effect. But I am sticking with the Dok as he has stuck with me the whole time. He always gets back to you, as he states does everything possible his end & I honestly believe this. I think the biggest mistake by people is to give up too easily and not beleive anything can come to fruition. Believe in the Dok, he won’t leave you hanging.” M from UK

“I been a client now for a year – and am extremely GRATEFUL to Doc for all the happiness and positive change he has brought me. First I purchased a reading which was extremely accurate. I then purchased an ELITE spell for wealth, which produced great results, followed by a sex spell that made the bedroom for my wife and I a virtual playground of pleasure! I cannot thank Doc enough for all the happiness he has brought into my life!” Mr.T from USA

I just had a reading from Doc and omg couldn’t be more accurate than that. All my suspicion about my baby father ex was all true. She did throw dark forces to break us up, it’s so sad, but I’m smiling again. Because luckily we can break it thru and have him back where he belongs. Thank you so much Doc your fab couldn’t thank you enough and that’s only the first little step. Soon the real work starts feeling excited. Didn’t feel this way in years. Thank you again and may all the forces bless you.” Client wishing to remain anonymous

“Doktor snake performed the conjuring box magic for my ex and things worked out very well. I had lost hope, but things worked out. I am very pleased with his work.” R from Australia

G from South Carolina, USA You casting work my husband is so loving to me and the kids now it’s like he is the man I met when we first met he has even left the other women alone. Thanks for getting my family back on track.

“I am so grateful and happy for what has transpired for me in just a few months. Dr Snake connected me with my love interest got rid of the negative forces, removed a neighbor that was meddling an ex girlfriend(s), increased my sexual situation from bad to awesome, and in just a few days I got the exact amount of money I needed to finish a project that will change mine and others lives as well to make things better for those in need!! Wow, this man is the most gifted person and gets things done for those in need. I am on my way to a much better life!!!” P from USA

“I would just like to say thank you so so so much Doktor snake! I can’t believe what has happened! My ex has left that girl he was with and he has asked me if I want to work things out! He told me that he is so sorry for the way he treated me before and he apologized for everything! He says he missed me so much:) I am so thankful for the conjure box spell you did for me! It has worked!! You said it could take up to two months for him to return but he even returned exactly a week before the 2 month mark! Thank you so Much doc. You have a such a powerful talent that has made many people very happy including me!!” Client from USA

“I ordered a money spell from Doktor Snake because my situation was very dire and desperate. Doktor Snake is a fantastic spell-caster! I did receive cash and now I am in a better place. I truly believe it was the spell. Doktor Snake is very good about answering emails and giving you straight up answers. I have ordered spells from him before about love and those too were very good. As a matter of fact once I ordered a love spell and not only did I have the love interest attracted to me, but also other people who wanted a relationship with me. I had choices of lovers and was asked out many times. These spells work and he is a serious Voodoo worker. You can trust him and not worry that he will rip you off. I will continue to order other spells from him in the future, and I for sure, recommend his services.” Zoe from USA

“I had a reading done a few weeks ago by the DOC. And all I can say is WOW the results were so accurate he told me things I didn’t even mention in the intial questionaire, it was great. The DOC is the real deal…” Ms L from USA

“I ordered I card reading from the Dok and was pleasantly surprised at the complete accuracy of it. He not only shocked me with the reading but replied to all my email. Keep up with the good work, Doc!” V.S. from USA

Doktor Snake did some work for me and I saw results fast, even though we did a recast, his work is still on point. My husband is home and we are working on our marriage. We still have our ups and downs but we are still together. Sometimes we need to have just a little faith along with the doktor help and things will work out fine. If you are searching for help and not sure who to trust, YOU CAN TRUST DOKTOR SNAKE.” Mrs V from USA

“I just wanted to say thank you Doc. I ordered a spirit bottle from you a few months ago and results couldn’t be any swifter. I’ve just got a few artist that i’ve just met get play on the radio yesterday. I know that im headed for the big time now!” B from USA

“I ordered a reading from Dr. Snake in mid-October. I am soooo grateful to Doc. Details couldn’t have been more accurate. I keep opening my e-mail and re-read his cards reading. Dr. Snake is truly gifted. I ordered a conjure box from Dr. Snake to bring my ex back to me.” A from USA

“This is my second card reading from Doc in 8 months. I was surprised he delivered the reading so quickly which I expecting to wait another day or 2. I reread this card reading twice and amazed how the information is on point. Doc thank you finally giving me the truth and easing my fears. After weeks and some sleepless nights of wondering the truth, I finally relieved and can now sleep. Thanks Doc.” T from IL, USA

“I am more than impressed with Doktor Snake. His card reading was astonishing and so accurate and I have the knowledge and help to rid myself of things that have kept me from a life, and thanks to his insight, I will get the help I need from someone with such expertise and wisdom! Yeah!!! I am so grateful!!! And will continue with his guidance! Thank you Doktor Snake.” P from USA

“I ordered a reading from Doc on 12/8/2013 and it was spot on the man is truly gifted. Plus that very same day I won $577.00. I am so happy we found each other.” Angie from USA

“I just received my reading from Doc and the details couldn’t have been more accurate. He knew exactly what i was feeling and thinking the whole time. I knee my ex and I were destined to be together and Doc reassured me in the reading that all will come correct just be patient.” A from USA

“I ordered a conjure box from Doktor Snake and i received my box today. It was crazy because the moment I touched it, I felt my body warming up and my ears got so hot! First off, my ex and I have been together for 6 years and I could have sworn we had the almost perfect relationship. Things went down hill after his parents moved into the state. He told me he needed a break and I respected his will; only to find out he had cheated on me! I was devastated and my world stopped turning.I found Doktor Snake and although he responded in short verses, everything he said was real and he kept his words. Anyhow, Doktor Snake is very genuine and straight to the point. I loved the fact that he doesn’t persuade or pressure anyone into investing in his gifts. He is real and honest.” MTL from USA

“I’ve been working with Doc for two years to get my ex back who is with another woman. Doc has always been there and had never let me down or given up in helping me. My ex and his girlfriend have split up, but after a long time yearning for him to return I finally realised that he was not the man I deserved. Doc kindly performed a recast to meet new love and guess what!? I think I have! He is the type of man that I need in my life and is great. Rightly so, I had to let go of the bad to allow the good to come in. I had a card reading done from Doc which predicted that I would meet this new man and he described him to the tee!! Doc is an incredible spellcaster and does exactly what he promises!! Do not be afraid to ask for his help. He is truly a genuine voodoo man and I’m so thankful that I found him!” Mel from England

“I just received my conjure box and I wanted to thank you because its lucky powers have already started working on me… a few very unexpected things happened to me in these last couple of days: On monday i received an unusual refund of 125 pounds in my bank account for a security deposit I didn’t know i have ever paid (even my bank cannot tell me who is it from) and today i received an email from an airline confirming they will refund me 200 pound for some old unused airlines tickets and these were not refundable. I had no hope of getting this money back!!! I feel a lot more positive and that the Spirits are on my side and directing me on the right path. It may not be with my ex after all but I’ll wait and see and listen to the signs as much as I can. Thank you, you are truly gifted!” B from London

“First of all let me preface my endorsement by pointing out that I approached Doktor Snake and this site with a modicum of skepticism. Obviously I had SOME belief/curiosity in Voodoo and what it can do. Let’s face it you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t yourself. I had an issue where my girlfriend ended our relationship, which was extremely special to me. So I thought, “What can it hurt (other than my PayPal balance) to give this a go?” First, Doc advised a Card Reading. “OK,” I thought, “I go for the card reading, Doc’s gonna then say the cards felt a spell might be a way to go, Ker-Ching for Doc.” But I decided, in for a penny, in for a pound, I’ll give it a shot. So the card reading came back but with the vast majority of details Doc could not have found out. Little details and insights that were spot on. It would all sort itself out, we’d get back together, etc, so said the cards, but letting the spirits smooth out the path to the apparently inevitable might be an option. “Fine,” I thought, “this has already surprised me let’s see what a spell does.” The results (if that’s what they were as I suspect) were dramatic. Literally 36 hours or less after Doc declared the spell finished and positively so, she calls me to say she’d made a big mistake would I consider coming back. I questioned her, took advantage of the fact I was out of the country on a business trip and continued to test the water. Nope. She was dead certain. Now, even if the spell had no effect, and the effect was caused by my absence, and some sort of Placebo mechanism in my own head and attitude – even for that it was worth the money spent. Personally, due to the card reading and speed of result, I’m inclined to believe that something “otherworldly” did happen. Also, Doc’s speed of responses to questions and updates were brilliant. Overall verdict? Do it. Now.” Carl from Ireland

“This is the first time in my life i get something to work for me in a spell i really trust you that is why i write to you all the time , because i say you are a good man this is a good testimony for you to add to your chart, you really did it well this time, you hit the hammer on the nail well thank you so much, have a great day i will keep u up dated and you can anointed the mojo hand again to keep it on track.” Mary from West Indies

“You cannot go wrong choosing a spell from Doktor Snake. He always goes the extra mile to make sure you get results. When he says you will not be forgotten once the spell has been cast he means it. Doktor Snakes customer service is second to none. He responded to e mails and answers my questions the same day. He is definitely worth the money and I highly recommend Doktor Snake he is the best! Mike from Canada

The healing voodoo doll did a good job! The effects of my medication are less hard to stand and I’m not in a depression mood anymore. My body thanks me that I made the first step by contacting Doktor Snake.” Love from Paris, France

“Re Voodoo Gambling Hand… Last night was an awesome casino night and tonight I hit 8 blackjacks at the table. I would tap the table and a black jack would hit! You are the best!” J.D. from the USA

“Doc, you are the best I had a serious issue in my life in a few area. The Good Job Mojo Hand spell was incredible. I came back from overseas working and ran into a lot of problems.Doc cast the Spell it help in 4 days I had job offer and two days later I was hired. He is the real deal & he has not let me down. Plus he always keeps you informed on the process of your spell. I will differently stick with The Doc. There is no one better on the web to me.” Titia from USA

“I would like to thank you doc, even though you have just completed the spells. I would like to extend my gratitude for your hard work and dedication to help those in need. There are a lot of people out there claiming to help but i have seen no evidence of this. May you live a long and healthy life. Thank you. I would recommend you you to anyone without hesitation.” T from Australia

“I have been practicing voodoo as a religion and to cast spells for some 14 years. That’s right am a voodoo man myself. In all my life I have never seen spells powerful as this. The love box is insanely good. We went from breaking up to talking about children in less than a month. See the thing about voodoo is it doesn’t always work. You have to get the spirits on your side. After that they handle the rest. It is determined by how much you believe and how much you want it to work. I have found the box to be perfection. The graveyard dirt came in it’s own little peace of paper taped. I am a happy customer. You may ask why I just don’t do it myself if am a voodoo man? Because even after 14 years I am still in training and I needed some one that was the best. Thank you doc for all you’ve done. See you at the crossroads…” Pappa Gede from Mississippi

“Doktor Snake, I have closed three real estate deals after I have received the Gris Gris Bag. It has changed the way I look at closing deals, it only leads me to where there is a deal. I’m just to happy to have made up my mind for the Gris Gris Bag. Nobody paid me to say this.” Leonard from India

The spiritual cleansing is AMAZING! SO POWERFUL! I’m ultra positive, my fears are gone and have so much less anxiety! Now I have to do my part of the work but it’s easier now that I have the courage and the vitality necessary to do it thanks to Doktor Snake! Thank you so much!” Christelle from Genève, Switzerland

With your card reading you’ve hit the mark! There is nothing more to add and noting left unclear. And the best thing is, you didn’t just give a one-way guideline, but you presented options explaining what I need to consider making the either choice. And you did not try to sell the spell which I was considering to order from you, but explained to me under which conditions it would make sense to apply it. This is proof of your integrity.” GG from Germany

“I wanted to let you know how absolutely rapt I am with the Lucky Coin you sent me! From day one things just started to work for me. Suddenly job offers have started coming my way, my creativity has been re-energized and I can’t believe how many lucky coincidences have suddenly entered my life. I carry it everywhere with me now, it makes me feel safe and secure. Each day I look forward to what new surprises it’s going to throw my way!” Alexandra from Australia

“Doktor Snake has amazed me as I have seen results from everything he has done for me, often quite fast. While I have been to other spellcasters who I believe tried their best; Doktor Snake simply is the best, being truly gifted and having written the book on it. In addition, his integrity truly sets him apart in the field as he has told me several times I did not need a spell when he just as easily could have said I did. He is a truly kind and generous person who took time out on a weekend recently to help with a difficult ongoing case for me which brought him no personal gain. His work resulted in an all out miracle with a man I have been in love with for two years. Doktor Snake rocks!” Josie Woodbury, USA

“All I have to say is WOW! I saw my results from day one. Not only is he very nice, but very professional. And if you have any questions he answers them very quickly. I know you will be as happy as I am with the results.” Client from USA

Excellent reading. You nailed it! It reassured and comforted me too. Thanks for the advice to remedy the situation. All hope is not lost. x” MM, Lancs, UK

“I have many problems in my life and have been to so many spell casters with no results and as a result of this, I ended up in a huge debt. One day I used internet and felt some kind of strange but kind and gentle force as if someone was guiding me to search for spell casters. I can’t remember the words I typed in the search engine but I was directed to Doktor Snake’s website. And that was it! I felt so lucky to have found his website. It all happened so naturally and easily and I am glad it did. No words can express the feeling I had. Despite all the bad experiences I had with FAKE spell casters on the internet in the past, nothing could stop me from reaching my dreams, so I ordered a spell from Doktor Snake. I had sleepless nights and was was very worried because I promised myself I won’t approach a spellcaster for help but did as it was time for me to help myself, stop crying and stop feeling sorry for myself. I also knew there was someone out there who is capable of helping me. I ordered a spell from Doktor Snake and it took only a little more than 3 weeks for the results to show and it is getting better and better. I have never been so happy. Never ever did I think that I could find a spellcaster to help me fix any problems. I am so glad I found Doktor Snake, he is such a gem, a kind person who has a positive impact on my life. His services are highly recommended. He is always there and responds to your emails which is very rare of a spellcaster. I completely understand that some people have problems believing in magic and finding the right spell caster (I have been there) but Doktor Snake is a true practitioner who can REALLY help. Sometimes money is an issue but it is worth spending a few hundred if your problems can be solved. I believe it is a small price to pay. And a word of advice about staying positive…DO IT. When you are ordering a spell STAY POSITIVE during and after the spell work. Thank You Doktor Snake!! God bless you and your family. I didn’t happen to visit your website just accidentally. It was very naturally, yet strongly fated and I feel so lucky.” Tina from Canada

“I know this will sound like Doc has written this himself, but I am a real person and I have nothing to gain from writing a glowing recommendation. But I do give Doc a glowing recommendation because I have used his services and, having spent the last couple of years trying to work through a complicated and long-founded situation, with someone very close to me attempting to control me for nearly 2 decades – most others had failed, where Doc succeeded. Doc’s readings were stunningly accurate and he pulled no punches (where others were afraid to intervene too specifically). This gave me the foundation I needed to plot the best way forward (for the good of all involved). Before I came across him, none of the help I received, seemed to last more than a few days… I am still not through this but Doc’s help has taken me further forward than anyone else, to the point where I can see light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re in doubt as to whether he is the real thing (and I would say that 99% of the rest out there are either fakes, or simply not as good as they think they are), Doc IS the real thing and I can testify that he is effective. He has worked effectively for me in a far from average case. Plus he does follow up when you need him after. Very impressive & rare. If in doubt, try him out. He is the real deal.” Ken from London, UK

Testimonials for Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook

“Everyone should read [Doktor Snake] and open up their minds.” Anon from USA

“Doktor Snake is a true mystic and his vision will lead you into places you never dreamed of…” Anon from USA

“Dr. Snake’s the best folks. Here’s my testimony. I gave my friend a copy of Snake’s first book [Voodoo Spellbook] in 2002. My friend had just opened a nightclub in Baltimore that was bound to have hard times. The area was sort of rough and America was getting paranoid about going out. Here we are seven years later and Red Maple is still thriving. All I can say is wow!” Anon from USA

“I bought Dr. Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook a few weeks ago as a sceptic. But after reading it through I had a dream to go to the casino. I went the next day and won $200.00. Boy was I happy. It is very inspiring, and i will say from personal experience that some of the spell work in this book has worked for me. It is simple to understand, enchanting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I read it straight thru…” Anon from USA

“Doktor Snake is very inspiring, he worked his spell on me!” Anon from USA

“Reading Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook was one of the best instinctive moves I have ever made…” Anon from USA

“I like this book Voodoo Spellbook becuse it introduces a whole bunch of different methods in not just voodoo but divanation as well. I oraganally had bought this book a while ago but my mother had went nuts about the fact that I’m learning or even bringing in books on voodoo and threw it away without my knowing.” Anon from USA

“Very nice book Voodoo Spellbook for those of us who are curious and those of us who want to cast spells. I recommended this book. It was fun reading all those spells.” Nadine from USA

“Doktor Snake opened up something in me which is timeless…” Anon from USA

“I read this book Voodoo Spellbook in one sitting, and could not put it down. This small coffee-table style book is packed with short spells and stories that explain the subject in a very concise and entertaining manner. At-first, it seems like the book & voodoo doll is a quaint gift set, but the feel of the book and the writings within are inspiring and conducive to comprehending a general overview of Southern Voodoo / Hoodoo.” Anon from USA

“I bought this book Voodoo Spellbook after reading the reviews listed on here about Dr. Snakes book. I must say I am glad I spent the money. It was well worth it and I just love the stories. There are a few good spells for money luck. Thats what I was interested in myself. I love the section on playing cards also. I love the stories about selling your soul to the devil to play guitar. Super book! Very neat. I totally recommend. I am buying one for all my soul sisters for X-mas. Dr. Snake write another book!!!” Anon from USA