The Satanic Woman 2: “Tradwives” – The Devilish Way” (Interview With Dark Angel)

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Matt Black talks to Dark Angel about her views on being a natural woman – or “tradwives, the devilish way” – and upholding traditional values of motherhood and supporting your man…

Matt Black: Aren’t your ideas on women taking us back to the dark ages? Or the 1950s?

Dark Angel: My ideas do not advocate going back to the fifties. They’re simply about women actually raising their children. Taking care of the home. And being the influence behind strong men.

As to taking us back to the Dark Ages, what you really mean is medieval times. During the so called Dark Ages in Britain, for example, women actually had a great deal of equality. Yes, they raised the children and kept the home together, but women were also able to be chieftains, and if their husband died they inherited the land and property, and status. It was only with the advent of Christianity that women became oppressed in the way modern people perceive it.

And going back to the 1950s… increasing numbers of women began working at that time. The question is, did it bring them freedom? Prior to the 1950s they were working in factories during WWII to help the government win the war. In the ‘50s it was economic and marketing mostly that led to women working. Loans and credit cards had started to come in due to the lower echelons of society becoming more affluent. To cover loans households started to need more income. Thus both partners in a marriage worked. Large corporations saw that they could make far greater profits if women worked and had their own incomes. Typically governments saw an opportunity to collect more tax revenues.

If you see that as freedom, you’re deluded. It was manipulation by governments and big corporations.

Then came feminism. This was really an “overlay”, not necessarily the driver of women becoming allegedly “emancipated.” Thus we could say that women were not being true to themselves and their natures. They were responding to the machinations of external influences. That’s not the same as being free or true to your nature.

In short, it’s a complete cop out to say that women staying home and tending to home and family is like going back to the Dark Ages or the 1950s. For a start, you have to ask yourself how free women really are today? Are they not manipulated by governments and large corporations, not to mention social mores, which are essentially nothing more than fads or fashions.

What I’m talking about is being free to follow you nature, which is hard-wired according to evolution and natural selection. Anything less is bondage. Nothing more than thralldom.

Matt Black: Okay, let’s stay with the 1950s. Women had to wear dresses, have their hair done – all to look good for men. If they didn’t, they became a social pariah. How do you respond to that?

Dark Angel: I would say what is wrong with wearing a dress? And looking good and feeling good about yourself? What is wrong with having high standards, where you don’t slouch around in yoga pants, which show every facet of your body. If you expect to be respected you should dress respectably. That way you raise your standards. And when you do that, you bring mens standards up too. When you run around in revealing clothing, how do you expect your men to respect you? In short, if you don’t have standards, how do you expect them to have them?

What is so wrong with having self-respect? And what is wrong with dressing like a woman? When you dress nicely… such as wearing a nice pants suit or dress suit, with stylish shoes, and you fix your hair… it makes you feel good and is uplifting. How is it wrong to look good? What is wrong with having self-esteem and being the best you that you can be?

Matt Black: Women were typically housewives in the 1950s and before. The world has progressed since then. Now women can have careers. Why would they even want to stay at home and look after the house and children?

Dark Angel: I explained this in my first article. Staying home and looking after your children is about fundamental values, which is so important in raising your kids. I am not saying a woman should stay at home forever. But the first five years of a child’s life are very important. You are developing and influencing their subconscious mind, which is the foundation of the person and adult they will become. I believe this is crucial. I’m not saying a woman can’t have a job, but you main job as a woman is being entirely overlooked today. I stand on my values. A woman should be at home when their children return from school. And dinner should be on the table when your man returns home from work, or gets back from running his business or other enterprise. Work around that schedule as best you can. This gives children stability and understanding of the roles in which each gender plays.

Matt Black: Don’t you think you should move with the times? After all, hardly anybody will agree with your ideas on women today – will they?

Dark Angel: As far as I’m concerned, I’m ahead of the times, not behind them. I see there’s a huge need for change. The path in which we’re heading is leaving our children to be raised by babysitters, rather than by their parents. As far as I’m concerned no child should have their mind left to be manipulated and molded by somebody else. Women aren’t there emotionally, nor are they supporting their kids. They leave the job of parent to other people, particularly during the first formative years of a child’s life. I see children dropped off by the school bus, left at home, totally unsupervised, to fend for themselves. I see that as nothing less than child neglect.

Even when they become teenagers – which is an equally important time – kids still need a strong woman to help guide them and influence them in the right way.

Matt Black: Most people believe men and women should have equal opportunities. Feminists worked long and hard to bring women this freedom. Why are you even suggesting we should go backwards?

Dark Angel: How is having strong values as a woman going backwards? If you’re going to have children you need to take responsibility for it. You need to make your child’s life the best it can be, uphold traditional roles and support your husband. That way you raise your children with fundamental values, which are sadly lacking in society today.

If you don’t believe that, then you need to look at the shocking suicide rates of our youth between the ages of 10 and 20 years old. From 2017 to 2019, before the Covid crisis, they were up by 60%. If that isn’t enough to convince people that something is wrong with society today, nothing will.

The bottom line is it is critical to be their for your kids as a consistent figure. Give them the opportunity to advance beyond their own expectations. You do this by being there for them. Nurturing them mentally on a subconscious level. Teaching them manners. Self-belief. Self-discipline. Talking to them about important decisions in their lives. Listening to their concerns. Always showing them they have a loving home. That way, if they have an awful day at school, they know they won’t be coming home to an empty house. Their mom will be there for them.

Matt Black: Wouldn’t men just love your ideas on women?

Dark Angel: What exactly is wrong with a man loving my ideology? Not only does it keep the balance between the sexes, it also means we are being true to our nature, according to our evolutionary heritage, which we can’t escape. It’s hard-wired into us.

Matt Black: But wouldn’t your ideology mean that women would be taken advantage of? Wouldn’t they be forced into servitude, cleaning the house and being a servant… how do you answer that in your philosophy?

Dark Angel: No I don’t believe women would be taken advantage of. Especially if women take their time in finding the right man. Making a point of getting to know their prospective partner mentally well before having a sexual relationship with him. It’s a question of having self-respect and being true to yourself. This is critical in any relationship.

My way might not be your way. But you will find abused women in any type of relationship. Fortunately there are laws today that protect women from abusive men. You get in touch with the authorities if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, and you will be put in touch with people that will help you.

Matt Black: Aren’t you a really bad influence on young girls?

Dark Angel: Am I? Really? Or is the woke community a bad influence? Or are video games a bad influence? Perhaps the show you watched last night on TV is a bad influence? Or the parents who don’t have time for their children, working long hours, leaving them to their own devices… all these things show that people today do not have their priorities in the right place.

Matt Black: Don’t you think you are teaching girls to be subservient to men?

Dark Angel: No. On the contrary, I believe I am teaching girls to be women, to be true to themselves, and be important influence in this world .

Matt Black: Shouldn’t we be teaching girls to be assertive and to have equality?

Dark Angel: I covered this in the first article. There’s nothing wrong with equality or being assertive. Hell, I had to be assertive when I held top management positions. We should be teaching our girls to be women. Finding their true power within themselves, so they are at one with their feminine qualities and place in the world. We should never be ashamed of our true nature as women. We shouldn’t be trying to be something we are not. We must avoid destabilizing the balance by trying to be men – which the majority of women seem to do these days. We need to be both motherly and the powerful influencers behind our men.

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