The Satanic Woman (Part One): “Tradwives – The Devilish Way”

satanic woman

As Satanic women, we need to take back our power – be tradwives the “devilish way”, if you like. We need to stand on traditional values and recognize how important we are for developing both a healthy family and for setting our children on the right path towards becoming balanced and productive adults.

As Satanic women we have a code of ethics we should live by. This involves cultivating a deep understanding of the universe and how it works. Just as the moon kisses the sun each morning, we should recognize where we stand within the realm of creation.

In ancient times our ancestors looked deep into the spiral within (our DNA), where our ancestors dwell and continue to live on. That is where the true power lies, along with our real dominance. In terms of women and men it’s about understanding the ways in which we were created and how we evolved.

Just as there is a male plant and female plant, yin and yang, day and night, good memories and bad memories of life, each serves a purpose in the sprawling, infinite multiverse.

As Satanic women, we have our place as well, and we have both a purpose and a calling, which we must follow.

But today the majority of women are leading us away from our true nature, and as a result, we are losing our footing. The very infrastructure of all that has been handed down, from generation to generation, is ebbing away.

When we are not true to ourselves and our purpose – and we lose sight of where we stand within creation – we lose the real magic that makes us women.

Our true nature is to nurture and be mothers. We are teachers of tradition. And we are the matriarchs of the family.

We can certainly be the brains behind important men. But a true woman stands behind her man and allows him to succeed. We must never be vociferous, pushy women. True class and elegance is the satanic way.

Our deepest fulfillment comes from being the nurturer – much like mother earth is nurturer to all living things. Grace and powerful magic are hidden within us. We keep it our secret as one should always do with these feminine mysteries.

In the modern world, we have swayed from the path of our true natures, influenced by current notions that urge us women to take on the man’s role. One could, of course, say “Why not? It is a man’s world.” But is it? Or is the underlying force of the “man’s world” really down to the true women who have influenced these strong men?

If we women allow ourselves to be taken in by the deluded whining of the “woke” generation, then we are lost. We would be on a slippery slope to losing our “mothercraft”, which even now is becoming a forgotten art. Thus we must tear asunder the anti-life and anti-evolutionary rhetoric that is shoved down our throats by politically correct imbeciles, seemingly on a daily basis today. The fact is, this deluded drivel is leading us women from the natural laws of the universe. And this can only lead to a breakdown of society and morals.

What’s more, we must push our satanic men to become all they are meant to be. This involves staying at home to nurture our children, taking care of the home, being there for our family when they arrive home from school or work; along with having a home cooked meal ready on the table – not to mention asking about their day.

Being the matriarch of the family is very powerful and is needed more than ever today.

As natural healers, we should also embrace the herbal kingdom to mend wounds both physical and psychological. Such knowledge is key to being a woman.

Teaching our children how to plant a garden and where eggs and milk actually come from is another supremely important thing we, as strong female archetypes, can pass down.

What’s more, teaching our girls ethics and manners, how to hold themselves as women, and be true to themselves, is crucial.

Equally critical, as preparers of the ways, we must educate educate our boys (young men) to be strong, disciplined, and kind.

Taking our children into nature, showing them the lost art of farming, gardening, and nurturing livestock, are all key to character development and building rugged independence.

These are precious attributes for becoming a well-rounded human being.

Teaching our daughters how to sew, cook, the craft of making butter and soap, how to skin a rabbit or deer, may seem unnecessary in the modern world – but to the contrary, they are even more important because we have lost connection to the skills that made us able to truly look after ourselves and our families.

Teaching our boys how to hoe a garden, sow seeds, trapping and hunting, along with giving thanks to the animal for its sacrifice to feed the family, may appear redundant nowadays – yet it builds understanding of the value of life on a multitude of levels.

With the world increasingly going awry, we as women need to take back our power. We need to stand on traditional values and recognize how important we are for developing both a healthy family and for setting our children on the right path towards becoming adults.

We must understand the key role we play in nurturing future generations. We are the biggest influencers in creating and developing the subconscious minds of our children. We are the ones that instill key character traits in them, such as good manners, willingness to help others, caring for animals, and being decent and honorable in life. All this begins on a subconscious level when our children are very young.

We must stop trying to buck the natural law of nature. It’s time we remember that we are the ones who create balanced and caring adults. We are the caregivers. And as such, our role as mothers and wives, is paramount. And we must never forget the responsibility we hold.

It’s time to create a world where our boys are true satanic men. And our young women are brought up as authentic satanic women.

When we bring the true balance back, then once again, men will be men, and women will be women. Our children will see the world and their place in it far more clearly, and we will rise to new heights in this world of chaos… and perhaps restore the natural order again.

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