Three Ducks Up A Tree: Most Powerful Money Magick Working On Planet Earth

three ducks money magick

Ritual: Full Moon, July 13th.

Powerful & Ancient

Summons’ Spirit Of Ancient Bronze Age Shaman

Under Boughs Of Old, Majestic Oak

You will…

» Get ahead and have all the cash you need.

» Manifest money and thrive in a tanking economy.

» Beat the system and say goodbye to daily struggle.

» Why should it only be the rich that get richer?

Why not you?

Three ducks money magick

So there were three ducks up a tree. The bird watcher stood aghast. “Well, I never,” he muttered “Ducks just don’t sit up in trees.”

I was out on one of my regular country walks and had happened upon the bird watcher just as he’d spied the three ducks up a tree.

I said to him:

“According to folklore in these parts, three ducks in a tree is a money omen, much like finding a four-leaf clover.”

He laughed, saying, “I’ll be able to buy myself a new car, then!”

As for me, I knew the ducks had marked out a new ritual area – one that would be effective for money-drawing work, and other deep level requirements.

Once the bird watcher went on his way, I sat down against the trunk of the old, majestic oak tree, and proceeded to get myself into a visionary trance to connect with the location to see what degree of power it held.

Soon I found myself leaving my body…

I was astrally projecting my spirit into the “otherworld”, the shimmering, ethereal realm that lies alongside our own. The locale took on a vivid hue. Everything around me, the trees, long grasses, and vegetation, all seemed much more alive. Everything was teaming with life. Nature spirits and luminous orbs flitted across the flowers in bloom, and strange presences, almost like archaic giants, strode deliberately and laboriously across the landscape.

Moments later a man appeared, dressed in animal skins, his long, graying hair, cascading down past his shoulders, his piecing eyes starting directly into mine.

In an odd, slow rasping dialect (which I no doubt understood telepathically), he said:

“What would’st thou ask of the great Zotticatatacca? What would’st thou giveth the esteemed priest of these lands in return? For the land itself demandeth a sacrifice. The blower of the horn must be paid, for otherwise his echoing notes will not carry to the mighty denizens of the under-realm.”

I realized then and there that this priest-shaman, from a time eons before ours, would become one of my most powerful spirit allies. At the same time, I knew he’d be tricky, wild and dangerous. The truth is, that’s where the real power lies. You literally have to “deal with the Devil” IF you want real and lasting results. You can’t pussyfoot around. You have to play with the big boys – and that always comes with tangible risk to the practitioner (not the client).

Now let’s move to the “Money Magick Working”…

There’s two options:

  1. Money Doll. I call upon the ancient priest-shaman to use his considerable numinous powers to charge a clay money-drawing doll. It will act as your personal mascot to boost your finances.
  2. Wealth Servitor – Ultra-powerful, money-drawing artifact you can issue commands to. PLUS “Three Ducks Up A Tree” money magick workbook (PDF) and my “Manifest Money Now!” audio. The workbook and audio both spill the beans on how to use mind power, visualization, and affirmations to bring abundance into your life.

NOTE: The ritual for both options is at Full Moon, on July 13th. So wise to get in early; there’s fifteen places, which is all I have time for in one evening after sunset.

How it works

I go to the old oak out in the country, where the three ducks were sitting, enter visionary trance, and call upon the priest-shaman Zotticatatacca. Through speaking in “unknown tongues” and ritual work, I petition Zotticatatacca to imbue your Money Doll or Wealth Servitor (whichever option you choose) with numinous, money drawing power – creating powerful artifacts that will work for you.

No longer in stock. Discontinued.

Charged to draw cash your way…
COST: $245.00 (Free P&P)

PLUS “Three Ducks Up A Tree” money magick workbook (PDF) and Doktor Snake’s “Manifest Money Now!” audio.
COST: $750.00 (Free P&P)

SHIPPING: Ritual conducted at Full Moon, on July 13th. Items left on Doc’s shrine for three days to gather energy. Then mailed to you. Delivery can be anywhere from seven to ten days, depending where you are in the world. We use tracked and signed mail so we can keep an eye on progress if the need arises.