To Curse Or Not To Curse?

to curse or not to curse

People have laid curses on those that have slighted them for thousands of years. No doubt going back to antiquity. Clearly, wishing misfortune on one’s fellow man or woman isn’t the pleasantest ways of going on. But there we are. People do it. And it’s more common than you might think.

Indeed, even the pious are not above laying a curse on someone. Or getting somebody else to do it for them. Be it a witchdoctor, spellcaster, or diabolist.

Understandably, most people prefer to hand the dirty work over to a professional. Much like you’d call in a skilled plumber to fix your central heating system. And of course it’s far nicer not to have to get your own hands grubby.

This is very much the case when it comes to laying curses and hexes. After all, there’s always the fear that the malign energy involved may come back on you. So again, better to let somebody else do it, and hope it’s them and not you that comes unstuck with bad karma.

That said, many people who feel the need to lay a curse will begin by doing it themselves. They might make a Voodoo doll out of some old clothes and stuff it with herbs and roots and perhaps even graveyard dirt, which is always a very nice touch.

Clearly, once they’ve got this far some level of trepidation may set in. They’ll no doubt be thinking to themselves, “Will this come back on me? Will God punish me for having bad thoughts about so and so who I want to see meet a sticky end?”

And all this before they even call upon Satan or Lucifer, or for that matter, stick pins in the doll.

Of course, it’s all perfectly understandable. One naturally wants to have the cake and eat it. Or in this case, bring misfortune or worse on the person who has vexed them without having to pay the price in terms of comeback.

At this point, they’ll either abort mission and throw their makeshift doll in the bin. Or they’ll rile themselves up to fever pitch and stick the pins in the doll. Or better still hammer six inch nails into it.

The problem at this point is they’ll usually get somewhat anxious that bad karma will come their way or that God will see fit to punish them.

And then when things start to go wrong in their life, as they do with all of us… they’ll immediately think it’s comeback. And it might be little things like their car gets a flat tire or their dog bites the postman. Nevertheless they’ll be convinced it’s karma.

At this point they will likely get severely het up, and perhaps will rush to the nearest church or mosque to pray for forgiveness.

Most likely, or course, they won’t get a reply. That’s not surprising. Because, as I understand it, nobody has actually seen God, be he of the Christian or Muslim variety. So a reply is somewhat unlikely.

That being the case, our repentant curser will likely get into a terrible state. They might be thinking, “The curse has come back on me, oh my God I might die.”

What’s more, they’ll very likely go to their doctor and he or she will probably put them on anti-depressants. That’s what you do if you’re a doctor, it’s the quickest way to get rid of the patient when you’ve got no idea what they’re talking about. And you can have a quick cigarette or a nip of whisky, or both, with the time saved.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. By this time our less than merry curser has lost their job, their relationship has ended, and even their dog has run off and found another home.

So, did the curse come back on them?

No it didn’t. They cursed themselves. That’s the irony. And it was all down to fear. They bore a grudge, rightly or wrongly, against somebody else. Rather than confront the person directly, they wanted to see them suffer, but chose to do it in an underhand way.

And of course the person they cursed might not have done anything wrong. Our fearful curser might just have been envious or jealous of them. And wanted to rain misfortune on them out of sheer spite, to be blunt.

On the other hand, the person they cursed might well have done something disreputable to them, or something plain nasty. In which case, laying a curse on them should have been done with verve and righteousness, and certainly without fear of comeback or bad karma.

In fact, enlisting the aid of Satan or a demon like Beelzebub would not have come amiss in such circumstances. And perhaps going to a high place or old druidic grove to hammer the nails into the doll, that would have added to the drama of it all, and not least to the efficacy of the hex. And naturally filling themselves with anger and rage while banging the nails into the doll would have added another nice touch.

In fact, a high level of emotion is always advised if you need to unleash a successful curse.

So to curse or not to curse? That is our question. And the answer is, yes, go ahead and curse, just so long as you mean it and the recipient is a true lowlife and genuinely disreputable.

Anything less and you will surely be laying a curse on yourself.

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    BRENDA says:

    WELL DOC I feel my mother-in -law and a close relation did curse me through jealousy I did not do them anything as I did not know anything about anything the little I know now is still not much but I have been suffering the effect for years from relationships, money and many other things I sometimes feel that what has been done to me affects my children as told one that when you throw a stone in a lake it ripples and that is what I feel happens with my children. I also think it has effected her son as he suffered several bankruptcy I feel if I new what to do to clear it years ago I would not have gone through all the difficulties. I do think about about revenge buy wondered about my end of life (facing)situation .What would your advise to me be?Yours BRENDA


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