Ultimate Love Machine – Servitor Doll Working

ultimate Love Machine - Servitor Doll Working

High end power love ritual – harnesses arcane energy from the etheric plane – makes the one you desire unable to resist you – attracts them like a magnet…

Does the one you love seem out of reach? Are they resisting your affections? Are obstacles standing in the way of you two being together? Do you need them to make contact with you?

If so, we can bring ultimate power to the table to make any of these things happen. We have a Servitor Doll Working that pulls out the stops in terms of bringing results.

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How it works

Dark Angel and I do all the work on your behalf. We conduct the ritual and send you details via email the very day after it is done. Right then and there the deep spirals of etheric power are activated in your favor to get the result you desire.

You don’t need to do anything save follow the simple instructions we send you in our email after the ritual has been conducted.

What we do

The working is performed in an old disused country graveyard. We create two effigies – manikin dolls – which we charge with shimmering etheric power by calling upon the Graveyard Snake, a ancient spirit which haunts cemeteries, and has the ability to nudge the fibers of fate in your favor. To manifest your deepest wishes in the material world.

Once we’ve given thanks to the Graveyard Snake, we light a ritual fire and burn the two effigies in the flames. This is a form of sacrifice – much like the John Barleycorn effigy in agricultural communities was given as an offering to ensure a good harvest the following year.

This is a very deep, ancient form of magic, which brings ultimate power to the table.

Ultimate Love Machine

High end love & relationship working. Delivered virtually. Turnaround fast – your ritual conducted within 7 days.

Cost $850.00. (Virtually delivered, no shipping costs)


After ordering, you are directed to a questionnaire to outline your request. Within two days we’ll let you know your ritual date, which is configured according to lunar and solar conditions. Once we’ve conducted the working, we’ll email you with details about our ceremony, along with simple instructions for what you do next.