wish paper voodoo spell fast acting doktor snake

Virtual spells are delivered via email if you need a working done quickly or need a boost of magickal energy for a given purpose or situation.

wish paper voodoo spell fast acting doktor snake

Wish Papers – Fast delivery spells sent to your phone

If you’re in a fix and need a spell working quickly, wish paper spells can be cast fast and sent directly to your smartphone – to bring the changes you need in a hurry.

Doktor Snake will perform your wish paper voodoo spell ritual within 48-hours of you ordering. Once the the wish paper is created and charged it is sent to your phone, along with an email letter telling you what to do next.

Doktor Snake goes to a wooded grove and calls upon the spirits to charge your wish paper with numinous energy. He then photographs the wish paper and sends it to your smartphone, where it will begin to do its work immediately. For good measure, he also mails the wish paper to you. But to be clear: all wish paper voodoo spells are activated the moment they reach your phone.

Order Your Wish Paper Now

Only $150.00 (Delivered via email)

HOW IT WORKS: You’ll get an email from us confirming your order and inviting you to outline your requirement or wish. Doktor Snake will fix it up from there.


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