Voodoo Death? Or Scientific Explanation? (Podcast 5)

In episode 5 of Voodoo On Crack, we relate a story from 1967 in which three baby girls were born on Friday 13th in Florida, and how the midwife told the parents they were all hexed and would die at the ages of 16, 21, and 23. Lo and behold they all died at these ages. Is this a voodoo style hex? Or is there another explanation, one based on science?

From there we delve into listeners’ questions, including if you can manifest your partner’s ex by obsessing over them and researching them daily online. Plus a “crack rock” – a request to be turned into a vampire… Along with discussion on how the mind works and how you can improve your life by becoming consciously aware and stilling internal dialog, along with running visual patterns to change bad memories.

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