Voodoo Box Spell: Loaded With Power To Solve Your Issues

voodoo box ritual

Hex. Love. Protection. money. legal. all needs.

Offers maximum Voodoo power.

Cast in the graveyard.

Calls upon the spirits…

Dark and brooding, amid the windswept cottonfields of the Deep South, we conjure the spirits of swamp Voodoo to cast your Voodoo Spirit Spell, which can be for hexing, love or protection.

To cast the Voodoo Spirit Spell, Dark Angel creates a box, which we inscribe with sigils, and later burn as an offering to the spirits, Dark Angel uses her old swamp recipes (gleaned from her maternal grandmother) to mix together powders, roots and herbal concoctions – all of which are sourced directly from the swamplands of Mississippi. These go in the sigil-inscribed box, along with your petition, which you submit to us in the questionnaire we send you.

From there, Dark Angel and I conduct the ritual work (with me connected to her via the cyber networks). Casting this voodoo spell involves a spirit summoning ceremony, performed at the stroke of midnight in an old disused graveyard.

As I always say: “The time to do Voodoo is when the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans.”

black cat graveyard

Reciting incantations in unknown tongues over a specially-chosen grave, we conjure a powerful entity known as the Graveyard Snake, calling upon it to grant your desires, saying “Help our good and righteous friend in their hour of need.”

We then pour lighter fuel on the Voodoo Box, allowing it to burn as a tribute to the Graveyard Snake… the heady smoke spiraling into the ether, the place of formations, from where your desires will manifest on the earthly plane.

This is an elite Voodoo working, loaded with power, to solve your issue or situation.

After you order you will be directed to a questionnaire to submit your details, along with outlining the specifics of your case. From there we’ll send you the date that your ritual will be conducted. The day after the ritual, we’ll email you with details of what we did, how it went, and what you do next.

Voodoo Box Spell

Cost: $750.00. No Shipping Fees.


TIMELINES: Your desire can manifest very quickly. But we recommended patience. Magic is a very powerful way to change things in your life. It works in mysterious ways. Rest assured, it will have your back. The secret is to “claim” your desire, to 100% believe it will come to pass.