Need to get rid of an unwanted person? See the back of an inconsiderate neighbor? Bind a boss to your will? Get revenge?

If so, a Voodoo Doll will bring the results you need.

I make my own Voodoo Dolls by hand to exacting specifications. After that, I consult my black books (grimoires) to calculate the most auspicious times to conduct the ritual according to lunar and planetary alignments.

I then make my way to a lonely, broken-down graveyard out in the country. It’s a place of dark spirits that breathe their malefic energies into the dolls to make them living, breathing psychic weapons that will wreak havoc on your enemy.

What people say

“I had horrible neighbors, inconsiderate and noisy, Doc you got rid of them. I’m so happy.” Dale, Grantham, UK.

“My boss was a bully, he made my life miserable. Your boss fix put a stop to him.” Amanda, Texas, USA.

“My friend turned out to be a false friend and she hexed me, there was shadows all around me… now she’s been bound and can’t do no more to me.” Lucretia, Delaware, USA.

vudu doll doktor snake
Voodoo Doll

Under a silvery moon, I call upon my helping spirit, the Graveyard Snake (serpent that tempted Adam & Eve in the Bible), to grant you the help you need.

Once I see signs that your Voodoo Doll has been charged, I leave an offering of three old British sixpences for the Graveyard Snake, then I head for home, knowing the job has been done.

Voodoo Doll Ritual

Removes troublesome people

Only £125.00 / $175 USD. P&P £5 (UK) – £12 (rest of world)

Doktor Snake performs your ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how he performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on what to do next.