blue moon magick manikins

Our Vudu spellworkings utilize authentic recipes and techniques handed down to Doktor Snake and Dark Angel by their swamp Vudu mentors.

Men Only: Unstoppable Vudu Love & Sex Spell That Controls Any Woman – Without Fail… Male domination over a woman: Win a woman’s heart, return your ex, or have endless nights of sex with the female of your dreams… This powerful Vudu spell is configured to control and dominate any woman. Uses include making a […]

Vudu dolls handmade by Dark Angel. Love and passion. Protection from negative forces and people. Retribution on a wrongdoer. Charged under the silvery light of the moon by Dark Angel and I. First we consult our black books (grimoires) to calculate the most auspicious times to conduct the ritual according to lunar and planetary alignments. […]

Powerful dark Vudu curse to force a wrongdoer to repent their misdeeds… If somebody’s done you wrong, or persists in harassing you or your family this shock & awe working will make them face what they’ve done. It will make them see themselves for what they truly are. It’s mirror magick. It reflects all their […]

Performed fast – five to seven days of your order. Spell cast virtually on your behalf. Your situation addressed quickly and effectively. Virtual MegaBlast Spellworkings are done remotely. No need to ship items. You are given a ritual date. Once done you get an email letter outlining what we did and what you do next. […]

Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice. Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants. NOTE: Don’t resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. Created by Dark Angel in the swamplands of Mississippi. If you need somebody to leave or move away, the key ingredient will be Hot Foot Powder. If it is […]

For when an issue you’re facing is at critical point and there’s no time to wait. You can’t see a solution. You don’t know where to turn. The situation is desperate. There’s not a second to lose. Something has to be done – and right now! In which case, we will pull out the stops. […]

Renders your romantic partner unable to desire anybody else but you. When your lover or spouse is unfaithful to you, it cuts to the heart like a knife. You feel betrayed. Your emotions veer from anger and indignation to terrible pain and heartbreak. If you suspect your lover or spouse is cheating, you become eaten […]

Has your spouse or partner left you? Is the one you love not reciprocating your love? Has your relationship gone stale? Do you yearn to find your soulmate? Our Conjure Box Ritual calls upon a mighty spirit known as the Graveyard Snake. The rite is performed at the stroke of midnight at an old disused […]

Cast at the dark of the moon, the Johnny Redstone rite is known among a selective cabal of shamans as one of the most powerful workings around. It’s not only unique, but is somewhat hazardous to the practitioner (to put it mildly). It’s the kind of magick only a fool would perform too often. Once […]

Bend any man or woman to your will. Gain dominant power. Influence others with unstoppable will. Works in relationships, business, the workplace, and all other situations where you need the dominant upper hand. But the person you wish to dominate will NOT be zombified or put into a dazed trance. They will be the same […]

New & Improved! (Key To Riches 2.0) Configured to draw money and abundance. Spiritual artifacts charged during powerful graveyard ritual. Acts as your mascot to affluence. In these troubled economic times, we’ve fixed up our Key To Riches ritual to draw abundance into your life. You’ll be able to… Drive the car you’ve always wanted to drive. […]

Rootwork formula to bind an enemy and throw the evil right back at them… Have you been done badly wrong? Do you have an enemy that wishes you ill will or worse? Is somebody interfering with your relationship? Or has some miscreant laid a hex on you or jinxed you? If so, it’s time they […]

Sends your feelings to the one you love and draws out their feelings for you. Dark and brooding, amid the shadowy cottonfields, we conjure the dark spirits of swamp vudu to create your Mirror Box, an artifact of power, designed to help bring your desire to fruition. Along with fashioning your Vudu Doll, Dark Angel […]

Six month package – calls upon the fabled Joe the Preacher… Shakes off the evil AND any wrong doings – get ahead in life. PLUS Ultimate Protection. Our Joe the Preacher revival ceremony is conducted once a month, over a three month period. This gives you continual and lasting protection, as well as empowerment. It’s […]

Earl Marlowe’s Secret Root… Lost… Now Rediscovered In An Old Leather Suitcase! There’s a root in old Hoodoo that beats ALL other roots. No, it’s not John the Conqueror Root (though that’s surely powerful). It’s a mysterious and hard to find root. My Vudu mentor swore by it. He called it Jack the Victor Root, […]