Walpurgis Night Of The Witches Ritual (April 30th)

walpurgis ritual ceremony

Powerful ritual – conducted on April 30th at the “Witches Stone” – channels medieval witches to manifest specific needs or desires you have in life…

Special discounted price: $250 (normally $750).


  • All round power and protection.
  • Gets rid of evil and bad spirits.
  • Wards off maladies and maledictions.
  • Brings abundance and material comfort.
  • Luck and good fortune.
  • And more…

“There is a mountain very high and bare…whereon it is given out that witches hold their dance on Walpurgis Night.”

Jacob Grimm, 1883.

On Walpurgis Night (April 30th), in medieval times, the witches of old would fly in spirit, on “broomsticks”, to Brocken mountain in Germany to conduct their sabbat, meet with the Devil, and dance in ritualistic ecstasy… no doubt having ingested psychotropic mushrooms… it was an archaic shamanic practice that allowed them to ward off evil and induce greater supernatural powers… and not least (for the times) bring about good crops and abundance.

Walpurgis Night is the eve of May 1st, which marks the transition point between winter and spring. It is a time of hope, mixed with the expectation of abundance and all things good.

This is why we like to do a major ritual on Walpurgis Night. It holds enormous power to manifest your desires and wants into material reality.

What we do…

This powerful ritual will be conducted by both Dark Angel and I (with DA connected via video-link). I’ll be going over to a village called Icklingham in West Suffolk, Eastern England, to an old country path not far from the (now disused) church of All Saints, which dates back to the 12th century. This path has strong connections to witchcraft.

Over long years there have been reports of people walking there at dusk and being confronted with a ghostly witch, accompanied by her familiar – a white rabbit. Horses typically spook and some say men have dropped stone dead after an encounter with the witch and her familiar.

All Saints church Icklingham

The village of Icklingham is named after the Celtic Iceni tribe, whose famous queen was Boudicca, that lived in the region. To me this suggests that the ghostly witch may be a shade from those times – a shamaness.

Either way, as dusk falls I set about channeling the witch by going into a visionary trance. Connected by video link, Dark Angel does the same, but channels the witches who used to gather for their sabbat on Brocken mountain in Germany.

We’ve done this many times and it’s highly effective in terms of gathering magickal power.

Once I make contact with the ghostly witch, an eerie silence tends to fall. No birdsong. No sound from cows or sheep in the nearby fields. In visionary trance, I feel the presence of the witch and her white rabbit… soon I can just make out her shadowy form. She might spook many people, but she, and the witches of Brocken, know when they’re dealing with one of their own, and they like to help out.

Walpurgis Night ritual

At this point, Dark Angel and I offer your petitions to the shades of the witches, saying:

“Help our dear friends, good, everyday people, who need a break in life, to attain their true felt wishes – help them, just like you helped the people of your time.”

With that our ritual work is done. And we leave offerings for the witches, such as straw dolls we’ve made and flowers.

  • NOTE: We’re offering this working at the specially discounted price of $250, normally $750. We conduct the ritual on April 30th – Walpurgis Night. So you’ll need to get in early as places are limited.

After you order, you’ll be sent a link to your spellworking questionnaire, where you can state your intention/requirement. I’ll then get back to you within a few days with the date for your ritual. When it’s done I’ll email you a PDF letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what you do next.

Cost: $250.00. (Normally $750).

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