What Does The New World Order (NWO) Fear Most? (NWO Is Terrified Of It, So Is Google & Bill Gates)

The technocrats and authoritarians are at war with nature – and always have been.

They are afraid of it. Very afraid.


Because nature represents chaos. It is a chaotic system (and a creative one).

To them this wildflower is something to be controlled and exploited. To them, the very idea of anything “wild”, even a flower, is an anathema.

Technocrats and authoritarians are control freaks. Thus they are terrified of chaos. For them, it is order at all costs – to the point of psychopathic genocide and planetary destruction.

They justify the evil they do by saying it’s for “good of all” and that they are “protecting the planet.”

The oppressors of this world are always gaslighters, on both the macro and microcosmic level.

We need to return to nature and regain our paradise lost. And see that, just like us, nature is also the victim of technocrats and authoritarians.

We must never let the elites speak on our behalf about nature.

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