Why Do They Call You The UK’s Answer To Anton Lavey?

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Doktor Snake is asked: “Why do they call you the UK’s answer to Anton Lavey?” When Doktor Snake does talks and events in Britain he’s often introduced as “Britain’s answer to Anton Lavey”, the founder of the Church of Satan. In this video Doktor Snake endeavors to fathom why people do this…

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  1. Dc Silva
    Dc Silva says:

    Dr Anton Lavey to meant being able too root myself amongst understanding of his book the Satanic Bible unfortunately 2 to 3 years later I was contacted like others who are appreciated members of CoS about his passing and that there was a race against time to save the black House for an amount of 400.000 us dollars needed to turn it into a museum which I nearly succeeded in obtaining.Hail Dr Anton Lavey Hail, Darkpreacher181 i am sorry for such a loss forgive me if you can.

    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      Yes, to me Anton was first and foremost a philosopher, a man of letters of the old school. His philosophy, to my mind, was on a par with the great philosophers, such as Nietzsche. Anton also took the best elements of Ayn Rand, and of course, the enigmatic Ragnor Redbeard. In essence, his philosophy was furthering the Age of Enlightenment, which quite bluntly is still in its infancy. But yes, what a wonderful museum the Black House would have been. I’ve have loved to have seen it emphasize the philosophy as much as the magick and satanism. To me that is his lasting legacy.


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