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Learn to calm the raging seas of unbridled thoughts and emotions to take control of your life and go where you want to go.

What is Dokology?

It’s the conscious use of the mind mixed with streetwise philosophy. It brings you the tools to take control of your life and travel the path you wish to travel.

  • No longer will you be blown hither and thither by the fickle winds of fate.
  • No longer will people be able to manipulate you or pull the wool over your eyes.
  • No longer will you agonize over decisions – you’ll take action in quicktime.

Whatever the situation, you’ll be equipped to make rational, evidence-based decisions – and move forwards.

Learn Dokology and you’ll be at the helm of your mental ship, steering your life where you will – to where you choose to sail. You will be well-equipped to see others and the world around you far more clearly.

Thus you’ll operate more effectively in life. You’ll have a firm grip of the tiller. It will be you setting the destination – nobody else.

Your own self-analyst

With Dokology, you’ll also gain an honest picture of your own motivations. You’ll no longer kid yourself. Using self-observation, you’ll see yourself in the clear light of day and will be able to forge a far more positive path in life.

Reigning in emotions

Emotions are good. But they need to be seen objectively. Otherwise your emotions can run out of control and rule your life – leading you astray and causing more pain than pleasure. With Dokology, you’ll learn to observe your emotions in action, especially the negative ones, and will be able to keep them under control when it’s helpful to do so.

What it involves

You’ll learn how to still your mind of thoughts. Self-talk tends to controls us, instead of us controlling it. Often it is incessant and won’t stop. Negative self-talk sets off our emotions and a feedback loop develops between the two, making things a whole lot worse.

You’ll also learn how to be “consciously aware”. This is the ability to observe yourself in action. To see your thoughts and emotions, and how they affect you. With the ability to self-observe and be consciously aware, you can learn to control your life and make it the way you want it to be.

In situations where there’s conflict, you’ll learn how to stay completely calm and deal with what’s going on rationally – rather than letting your emotions overtake you (which only makes matters more difficult). This might be in relationships, the workplace, business or any other situation in life.

In short, you’ll be able to deal with whatever’s going on and get the upper-hand, and take the higher ground. Even better, you’ll be unaffected by it and calm. Even if somebody is shouting at you, they’ll look the fool and you won’t; you’ll win the day… (plus you’ll learn a lot watching other people in action while you are a calm sea).

How it works

Dokology courses last one year. They consist of a 45 minute call once a month (over the year). Dokology is a form of life coaching where I teach you how to gain control of your life and direct it the way you want it to go. Often you’ll lay down the things you want to improve or change in your life, and I’ll school you on how to make it happen.

You can also book one-off sessions as and when you need them. But it’s recommended you do the one-year course first, that way you have all the tools you need at your disposal… and any one-off sessions are more suitable as a “top up.”

  • What Dokology consists of: 12 Coaching Sessions. Once a month over a year. (Plus “top up” sessions available after you’ve done the first year).
  • Price: $2,700 (12 sessions, one year).

Dokology: Coaching – One Year (12 Sessions).

Cost: $2,700.


Dokology: Single, One-Off Session.

Cost: $250.