Voodoo Death Curse: Kill Papers To Take Down An Enemy

One of the associates of my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) was a guy called Sherpa Jay, whose specialization was death curses…

Earl didn’t like him much and said of him: “Sherpa J was one of the nastiest, most dishonorable people you could ever have the misfortune to meet.”

Sherpa Jay worked out of Nevada in the 1970s and specialized in hexing the hell out of people, most notably death curses.

Earl said: “That was because he enjoyed it. He liked bringing misfortune to people.”

Although Earl had a low opinion of Sherpa, it didn’t stop him learning his cursing techniques from him.

Sherpa’s most powerful cursing method for raining misfortune – or worse – on someone was Kill Papers. One such is pictured above.

The Kill Paper working involves going into spirit trance and entering the etheric plane in your “astral” body. You then travel beyond the far western reaches of the etheric plane, beyond the Black Lodge, to the realm of the Gods of Death.

It is there – in the dark, baleful realm – that you produce your Kill Paper. Under the auspices of the Gods of Death you charge the Kill Paper with unholy, destructive force.

Once back on the earthly plane you deposit the Kill Paper somewhere close to where your enemy lives. You then await misfortune – or a lot worse – to befall them.

As Earl said:

“The Kill Paper is a nuclear strike of a hex. It will take anybody out. Just a shame the methodology was devised by such a mean spirited bastard like Sherpa J! He got his kicks out of making people suffer. Bottom line is, you don’t want to be like him. Better to keep bad work for when there’s no other choice but to take out your enemy.”

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      Doc says:

      Ha, ha! What can I say to that one – I probably forgot! And also with books, you sort of run out of steam at a given point, you think, no, that’s the right length – stop.

      But I will do a new book. And be good to get your view on what you’d like to see in it – and maybe put you in the book, in a given section, asking me stuff, and adding your informed take on given workings – seeing the parallels to other systems.


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