king dominator
  • Workings that pack a power punch when you need it.
  • Rituals conducted at places of ancient power, including Bronze Age mounds, graveyards, stone circles, and lonely crossroads.
  • Everything from wealth-generating magick and hardcore curses, to domination and hex removal.
  • When things are tight, or you need some heavy duty lifting, these spells will be your lifesaver.

Premium Spells

spiritual cleansing doktor snake Gris Gris Ritual – Spiritual Cleansing – Aura Purification – Black Magic & Negativity Removal – Bad Spirits Exorcised - Keeps the devil down in the hole, allowing you to walk in the light of goodness and righteousness. Ritual conducted… Read More
megablast doktor snake voodoo DEFCON 1 – Xtreme MegaBlast Spell – 3 Requests In One – Maximum Voodoo Power – All Needs - Warning! All out nuke - when it's time to drop the bomb! Love spells, money spells, return a lover, court… Read More
xtreme curse removal Curse Removal Spell – Xtreme Power – Breaks Any Hex Or Evil Work – Including Break Up Spells + Generational Curses - Fantastically powerful Xtreme Curse Removal Spell. Rids you of the baleful effects of a curse and evil spells - including… Read More
coffin box vudu hex Coffin Box Serving Justice – 1 Enemy At A Time For Over 500 Years And Counting – Judgement Day For The Enemy! Justice For The Victim! - Coffin Box Curse - Righteous Retribution - Justice served within a coffin box Powerful dark voodoo hex to force a… Read More
head of zono Head of Zono: Powerful Protection & Warding Spell - Repels all evil. Keeps you safe from bad spells and nefarious people... This mighty artifact keeps away all baleful forces,… Read More
Road opener Road Opener: Clear The Ways - "I was stuck, everything turned to bad, now I'm on track." When the roads are blocked in your life, it… Read More
king dominator King Dominator: Men Only: Unstoppable Voodoo Love & Sex Spell That Controls Any Woman – Without Fail… - Male domination over a woman: Win a woman’s heart, return your ex, or have endless nights of sex with the… Read More
zombie mummy formulation Voodoo Zombi Mummy Domination Formula No.7 (2.0) - Bend any man or woman to your will. Gain dominant power. Influence others with unstoppable will. Works in relationships, business,… Read More
Hyper Obsession Ritual No.7: Dominate, Command & Mesmerize - Get him under your thrall. Make him crave for you. Beg for you. Please you. Cater to your every whim.… Read More
cleopatra conjuration servitor Beauty & Enchantment Servitor: Voodoo Cleopatra Working - (Under-The-Table Working - Limited Availability) Dreaming of a powerful, sexy man on your arm?  Is there a certain man in… Read More
sex money voodoo Get Money & Sex With Voodoo – Men Only – Hardcore Conjuration Servitor - (Under-The-Table Working - Limited Availability) Dream of sexy girls on your arm? Flash car? Money to throw around? You can… Read More
three ducks money magick Three Ducks Up A Tree: Most Powerful Money Magick Working On Planet Earth - Ritual: Full Moon, July 13th. Powerful & Ancient Summons' Spirit Of Ancient Bronze Age Shaman Under Boughs Of Old, Majestic… Read More
money magnet tier package Doktor Snake’s MONEY MAGNET – Kickstart Your Finances – Hit The Road To Wealth & Abundance… - Get ahead and have all the cash you need. Manifest money and thrive in a tanking economy. Beat the system… Read More
big brother watching you Black Hill: Ancestral Ceremony - Power, Protection, Prosperity Get Prepared For The Upcoming Collapse... Powerful Ritual - after sunset at Black Hill mound in West Suffolk, Eastern… Read More
healing ray servitor Healing Spell – Chi Power – Healing Ray Servitor – Distance Energy Working - Boosts body/mind life force (Chi) and vitality.Revitalizes your internal energy centers – and inspirational core.Summons luminous orbs (energetic intelligences) during… Read More
hoodoo jar Hoodoo Jar: Shrunken Head Hex Work - Rootwork formula to bind an enemy and throw the evil right back at them... Have you been done badly wrong?Do… Read More
Crossroads Spell (Put His Feet To The Fire) - If he ain't committing and you wonder what's going on. Bring him to a crossroads. Make him open up, consider… Read More
conjure box ritual doktor snake Conjure Box Ritual – Love, Marriage, Ex Back, Relationship Issues – Solved – Cast In The Graveyard For Ultimate Power - Has your spouse or partner left you? Is the one you love not reciprocating your love? Is your partner holding… Read More
infidelity buster Infidelity Buster – Keeps Your Lover Or Spouse Faithful - Renders your romantic partner unable to desire anybody else but you... When your lover or spouse is unfaithful to you,… Read More
voodoo box ritual Voodoo Box Spell: Loaded With Power To Solve Your Issues - Hex. Love. Protection. money. legal. all needs. Offers maximum Voodoo power. Cast in the graveyard. Calls upon the spirits... Dark… Read More
conjure bottles Conjure Bottles: All Round Voodoo Powerhouse - Buy with a mojo bag (for maximum firepower) you get a $275 discount! If a wrong-doer has hit you with… Read More
Spirit Bottles: High Octane Voodoo For Wealth & Fame - My spirit bottle working is a powerful working geared to help you achieve success. It's for entrepreneurs and people in… Read More