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What people say…

Several months ago, I asked for ritual work from Dr. Snake. It was an especially difficult situation involving many people. Dr. Snake never deserted my cause and re-cast many times. I was never upsold on another ritual or pressed to spend more money to resolve my desperate situation.

Serenity is now restored, finally, and although resolution was slow in unfolding, resolution it is. Dr. Snake will not desert you.
Victoria, Arizona, USA

“My situation has been resolved and the wrongdoer has finally been brought to justice. I followed instructions and I felt a presence near after I buried the works so I knew that it would work! I’m excited and have been crying. Me, my family, and his friends are gonna celebrate!!!!! I don’t think it’s been 2 months since I’ve purchased. The Devil’s Tin is the real deal!!!! Thanks so much Doktor Snake”
Diana, CA, USA

“Hello doc, I wanted to update you on the working you have done for me, I must say you weren’t kidding when you told me you had a good feeling about the outcome of the working. I was in need of this working mainly because of my luck which is the root of all things for me and I was already in a horrible situation where I was about to go homeless, it’s an extreme long story but I just wanted to let you know that the devils tin had helped me out of this and now I have a home of my own in a nice neighborhood. I can’t believe how fast this working was, I finally got the keys to my new place and I feel really good starting a new life. I give credit where credit is due and I had already thanked my mother and now I’m thinking you doc as well as papa lebat and the graveyard snake for their power of getting me out of this horrible situation and I also would like to thank Ms. Cynthia for the wonderful communication as always, your spells are real and I’m glad to be the one to experience it for myself. P.s I hope to see more wonderful things to come with this working for years to come.”
Daniel, VA

“I want to thank both of you from all of my heart. First I will start with my sister Dark Angel for I’ve known her for several years now. Her knowledge of the demonic world along with witch craft, voodoo, alike my own minus the demonology. Her intuition is spot on every time I’ve discussed personal issues with her. Her mind is on a constant ride of knowledge to help others through times they can’t fix things for themselves. She gives her wisdom of what she knows to allow another to make ones own incantation to ward off, bring in good luck, and call upon higher powers.
She is always willing and ready to help one another to improve their own souls, or powers if in the same realm of her own, this woman has never steared me wrong.
Doktor Snake, for my first time of receiving a reading from him was far more than what I expected as he was spot on, for the unfortunate episodes happening within my life right now. I will and forever use his knowledge of the unknown.
For all Doktor Snake and Dark Angel I am forever grateful with all of my soul to you both.
I will be recommending them to anyone that comes across me with issues upon their own lives.
For all they have done I am honestly speechless. And my words can’t express enough for how grateful I am for both of them.
It’s been an honor to work with Doktor Snake, and a blessing to have a woman Dark Angel whom I’m proud to call her my sister. Blessings to you both.”
— Mary McMullen​, Kansas, USA.

“Your money machine ritual started slow, then, boy, did the money start coming in. I’m very grateful for you help with the spell and also the advice you gave me on business. You really know what you’re doing on both counts. I will be coming back for more in a few months. I’m particularly interested in your “ultimate wealth” spell.”
— Jake S, London, UK.

“My gambling wins have increased a lot since you did my Lord Sol working. I’m up around a thousand a month now, which makes all the difference.”
— Milo, Los Angeles, USA.

“Dark Angel’s fire reading help me so much; she saw things that she couldn’t know about. And her advice brought me real insight into my situation, and helped me solve the problem. Thank you so much.”
— Tracy, New York, USA.

“OMG!!! It really did work. TBH i was a bit nervous about demonology. it scared me. But Doc and Dark Angel reassured me, so i went with it… and my issue was truly resolved. I can’t believe it. So thankful.”
Tara, Stowe, Vermont, USA.

“So Doc and Dark Angel told me the truth. My problem was psychological. And they showed me how to solve it. How can they know so much about the mind? I don’t know. All I know is they fixed things for me.”
— Jason, Dublin, Ireland.

“I’m from China and I was looking for powerful magick. I found that with Doktor Snake and Dark Angel. They are very knowledgeable. They were able to set me on the path to wealth. They know exactly what they are doing.”
— Chen, China.

“I know you keep it under wraps but your mentoring for entrepreneurship and success in life is a true help for me. Honestly, I don’t want it to end. I really don’t. I recommend it to everyone. Though I know you’re selective about who you take on. I say to anybody, ask Doktor Snake about his mentoring… you’ll be glad you did.”
— Jacob, Essex, UK.

“So your galdor and demonic doll workings made a big difference to me. It was nothing short of amazing. My finances got on the up pretty damn quick. And it’s still working.”
— David, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.