With roots in the swamplands of the American South during the days when long-suffering people needed a “helping hand”, our Mojo Hands (powerful voodoo spells) pull no punches in putting things right and solving the issues you face. Each Mojo Hand spell working is tailored to your case, whether it involves matters of the heart, finances, spiritual cleansing or restoring your luck. To cast a Mojo Hand voodoo spell, we go to either a crossroads, old disused graveyard, or a Bronze Age burial mound – depending on the nature of the spell working. This brings a big blast of supreme power to the table and will bring the results you need.

Someone not playing ball? Make ’em stand down and submit to your will. It might be family member, an organization, or government department. Could be an acquaintance that’s playing you up and needs to be put in their place. Could be a petty government worker. Or your landlord. You mother or father-in-law. Or somebody else […]

Are you in need of a quick fix with a reliable spell caster? Doktor Snake has over 20 years of experience THE MOST EXTREME VOODOO MONEY SPELL ON THE INTERNET Are you struggling, feeling like you are letting your family down including yourself? Low on cash? Life a struggle? Can’t pay your bills? Creditors at […]

Has your lover or spouse left you? Is it hard, or even utterly heart-rending, to live without them? Do you want them to come running back, begging for forgiveness? Do you want passion and the fires of love restored? All this, and more, is possible with the power of Voodoo. Your ex can come running […]

Featuring Granny Sumlin’s “Sway The Judge” Formula… Need to get off a bad rap? Nothing seems to be working? Situation doesn’t look good? Looking at prison time? Loss of reputation? Total wipe out? Whether it’s you, or a loved one, up in court, this could be EXACTLY what you need. It includes Granny Sumlin’s “Sway […]

Has your luck gone south? Are you sick and tired not being in the right place at the right time? Tired of questioning why your luck has flown? Money just not working out? Does it seem your relationships are always on the rocks? GOD KNOWS WHY… But even social security isn’t paying what you are […]

Has your partner been distant? Later than usual coming home? Do they seem to be clinging to their cell phone more than normal? Have you noticed they have password lock on their phone and acting strangely? Then you probably need Doktor Snake’s NO STRAY MOJO!!!! A supreme voodoo spell to STOP THEM CHEATING!!! This powerful […]

Does your man seem to have his eyes fixed on the floozy who keeps coming around? Is your best girlfriend flirting with the guy you want? Could be a coworker who seems to stir the pot at work… DOESN’T MATTER WHO: IT CAN BE ANY BITCH YOU WANT GONE! Doktor Snake and Dark Angel will […]

HAVE THINGS SEEMED SOMEHOW OFF LATELY? Have you felt uneasy? Having sleepless nights? Do you hear strange voices in your head? Do family and friends say you’re not yourself lately? Does your mind keep racing with negative self talk? Have you had a string of bad events happening? Have you been to the doctor with […]

Have you been told you have empathic abilities? Would you like to bring your abilities to their full potential? Have you always wanted read and control the thoughts of others? Want the ultimate power to influence a persons life path? Would you like to turn your intuition into vivid visions? Open your third eye? Harness […]

Are you sick and tired of seeing the one you love with someone else? Did your spouse leave you for another and you want them back? Is your son or daughter in the wrong relationship? Do you feel that nothing you have tried works and now you are ready for it to end? Well, we […]

Have you tired all the dating sites, still NO LUCK? Tired of blind dates, still NO SPARK? Sick of watching others happy, while you’re STILL LONELY? Starting to believe that the term soulmate is just WISHFUL THINKING? Find your soulmate mojo will draw you both together.  Making an unbreakable bond…That even DOKTOR SNAKE can not […]

Get the voodoo edge with any test or examination you’re taking… This Voodoo spell is cast on the etheric plane to help you get the grades you need. Whether it’s a university degree, masters or doctorate – or any other type of test you need to succeed at – our ritual work will bring you […]